Let’s say that during summer, we girls want to shine ever brighter than the sun. We want to be as beautiful as ever not because we like a guy, but because we love looking pretty, hot and sexy.

Here are 9 super easy fixes for this amazing look!

#1: Colorful Dangly Earrings

Earrings can do magic, only if you choose the right pair. Choose sets that go with your complexion and still brighten your look. You know, with the perfect choice of earrings, your whole outfit could go from average to A M A Z I N G.

What’s hot this summer are those with fringes in red, orange and yellow colors.

#2: Lively Scarves

You are probably thinking that scarves are for winter, but don’t worry there are plenty of summer material scarves out there waiting for someone to buy them. Even if your outfit is simple and made up of basic colors, a lively scarf will brighten your whole outfit.

What’s hot this summer are those bandana scarves that are worn right around the neck.

#3: Vintage Shades

They are totally in and you gotta make use of the trend. They always say, befriend the trend. So buy yourself a pair and embrace your beauty because this summer is all about vintage shades.

#4: Chic Chokers

We do admit that chokers have been around for so long now, but summer chokers are so different than any other season chokers. This season gold chokers are what you need!

#5: Yellow Gold Accessories

Most Egyptians are naturally sunkissed, so guess what brings out this amazing texture of theirs? Yellow gold! Yes, yellow gold hasn’t been in the picture lately and most people like white gold because it is elegant and chic. But yellow gold is this season’s baby. Again, befriend the trend, my friend!

#6: Colorful Hairbands

Yes, turbans are back in action! Regardless of your hair type or color, you’ll find the turban that will suit you most. You can find these at any store in the accessories section. You won’t regret it. Because those turbans with patterns will give you this pretty edge without even trying.

#7: Caps

Caps do make you look 100 times hotter, even if you are just wearing a polo shirt. This truly gives you a sexy edge without even trying or putting any effort. So if you’re having those ‘I wanna look hot with minimum effort days’, then this is your bestie for the day.

What’s hot this summer is caps with motivational statements.

Let us all enjoy summer while looking sexy as we can ever be!