It’s not just about the extreme storylines and the thrill-factor. These movies depict the positive aspects of our everyday relationships. The struggles we go through in life are not a permanent problem, but rather an opportunity to acknowledge our faults and realize that there is nothing more beautiful than to fight for the love you deserve.


1. Pretty Woman

Pretty woman is the modernized Cinderella story. Vivian, a prostitute, has always thought so little about her self-worth. That she deserved the life she is living because she will never be good enough. The movie is about Vivian’s emotional and physical transformation to the best version of herself. Edward helped her see how special she really is. And that was the beginning of a beautiful love story.


2. The Note Book

Love does conquer all in Noah and Allie’s relationship despite the major different lifestyles. The movie is about not giving in to social pressures, and that your relationship with your partner will only work if both of you are willing to sacrifice and compromise.


3. Titanic

Social classes are prominent in every society. But what if two people from complete different classes and backgrounds meet to form the perfect fairytale romance? The story is not just about romance, but also about pushing through life’s difficulties and living an adventurous and fulfilling life. Money doesn’t bring happiness.


4. Dirty Dancing

It’s a cross-class love story that unites two complete different people through their passion for dancing. Finding your common ground with a person is way more important than what the society labels you to be. You become who you choose to be without letting your social standard stop you from achieving your dreams.


5. A Walk To Remember

A walk to remember is the perfect portrayal of opposite attraction in a school that’s heavily dependent on status quo. It’s the story of a troubled boy and the perfect girl who helped him mature and re-evaluate his actions. The ultimate story of bad boy turned good yet with a connotation that you should not only change for the one you love but for yourself above anyone.


6. Me Before You

Love and support no matter what. What do you do if making the person you love happy will ultimately break your own heart? It’s a love story that challenges the struggles of life, and how one can overcome them by searching for the good side.


7. You’ve Got Mail

This is a love story with a twist. You really can’t help who you fall in love with. The reputable Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks are business rivals who anonymously meet online without realizing who they really are. The story develops by emphasizing that if you leave outside factors that can hinder your relationship, love can actually grow.


These movies impact us because of their relatable nature. They help us rediscover ourselves and our relationships, but most importantly, give us hope that every struggle has an end, and every relationship is a journey.