a bride holding her husband on the stairs

Dear future husband,

Here’s a message from almost every potential bride out there. Kindly pay attention to the list below and take it into serious consideration.


A fed up Egyptian girl.

1) I’m not “el philippineya” (aka: maid)
Dear future husband,
Please don’t forget that I’m your wife, not the maid. When you come home, I’ll be expecting a kiss, not “fih akl eh” or “ekweeli 7agty 3shan nazel“.
 2) Don’t expect me to be your Megan Fox; I’m not expecting a Tom Cruise either
megan fox
Dear future husband,
 I like who I am and I cherish my original natural beauty. If you’re expecting me to look like Megan Fox, I’m sorry, you’re not going to find her in me. Just accept me and love me for who I am, just like I’m accepting you. Trust me; I’m dying for a Tom Cruise too, but I never verbalize it.
3) Treat me like a lady even when the little “Fifi Abdo” inside of me surfaces
fifi abdo
Dear future husband,
I’m decent and cute most of the time; don’t be shocked when the little “sharshou7a” inside me reveals herself during times of rage. Just be easy on me and stand by my side during this temporary phase.
4) Beraha 3alaia when it comes to cooking
bad cook
Dear future husband,
I assure you that you’re going to savour my pasta and chicken pané. But if you’re aiming for 7amam ma7shi and mombar, then remember that patience is a virtue. Thanks!
5) 7amaty has nothing to do with picking our kids’ names
not gonna happen
Dear future husband,
We’re the ones who are going to name our babies. I’m not allowing your mom to call our daughter “fatakat” or our son “Ga3far” in memory of her great great grandparents.
6) Please don’t stop being a classy guy
Dear future husband,
Our dates will resume even after marriage. Opening doors for me, bringing me flowers and giving me compliments are still non-negotiable.
7) They’re your kids as much as they are mine


Dear future husband,
Be prepared to learn how to change diapers and shower our babies. After 9 months of suffering on my own, I’ll be expecting a little bit of sharing. homa el aganeb ahsan menena f eh!
  • tlightw

    1- El Philippineya is much cheaper :

    Dear future wife

    Please, do not forget, I paid a lot to get you
    to marry me, apartment, wedding , shabkah, furniture , electrical equipment and
    a lot of gifts to impress you & finally a lot of money to show your family,
    I will be such a supportive man for you. Lets not pretend your family agreed
    for our marriage just cause “we are in love”. So, be a good gal , do
    the cooking and cleaning, while am out there in the world, taking shit on our
    family’s behalf.

    2- Tom cruise have nothing on me :

    Dear future wife

    I know I’ve not married Megan Fox, if I did, I probably
    would need my eyes checked. While I know you cherish your original beauty, we
    both know that’s not what you looked like when I first met you, or when we went
    out. So, do a little effort to look good for me, I know even then I will not
    see you as Megan fox. But, It doesn’t mean you should stop trying.

    3- If you become “Fifi Abdo” I will be “Mortada Mansour”

    Dear future wife

    I know you are cute most of the time & we
    both know that while society did encourage you to be the sweetest kitten you
    can be, it did the exact opposite to me. So, if you honestly think that showing
    me your inner “sharshou7a”, will win you a fight. You obviously need
    to watch Mortada Mansour in action.

    4- Why do you think “otlob” is famous?

    Dear future wife

    I know you fail at cooking, we’ve ate out
    through all our engagement that it made me pretty sure that you have no idea
    how to cook, since you acted like anything on a shop menu was made out of
    heaven. So, I did realise early on that we’d order in most of our life. What was
    really very frustrating, was your mother insisting on buying all the stuff for
    “neish” & kitchen equipment that costed 1000’s of pounds, when we
    both knew it’d go to waste.

    5-Neither will you.

    Dear future wife

    Lets not kid ourselves, the kids name will end
    up in mine. So, while you might want to name our kids the prettiest names out
    there, remember they will always end up having “7anafy” in them. So,
    why don’t you just give up and let me name the kids?

    6- Being bad is in my blood.

    Dear future wife

    You knew that being that nice was just a trick
    to get you to marry me, what really attracted you toward me was that bad boy
    charm, so forget the flowers & the compliments. You know that most girls
    will always stick with the guy who make them in tears rather than the one that
    flood them with love.

    7-I don’t have one nurturing bone in my body

    Dear future wife,

    While all those movies you watched have parents
    changing diaper and holding their kids, might have seemed cute and adorable. Know that I, for no fault of mine is able to do any of these things, although I will
    occasionally buy the diaper , bring in the toys & will join on the playtime. But, do not expect anything more series out of me, we both know that your
    mum said you’d be raising two kids.

    • susan

      Way to be a stereotype, bravo 3aleik.

    • Maha

      It was intresting to read your comment. But there is One big thing. Why did you married? I think the main reason is society .Marriage is union of two people who Respect and love each other. When u saying about marriage u cannot speak about some money which you have paid!!!All the guys in the world spending money for wedding and presents, but not all of them will allow themselves remind about that to their wives!!!!!!!!! You paid money not “to buy a wife!!” u paid to impress her family! Dont forget about this. And if you dont love your at least you must to respect her because from all the guys she married with you. Then, if u respect your wife u will help her with babies and with many things. In the end i want to remind you, how the Prophet(saw) was carrying about his wives. So…if u want to have Happy muslim family start from yourself. Change a little your mind and then u will see the result.

      • Ali Osama

        Hey , look !
        It’s your parents’ fault , they use you as an item , making us paying for shitty things , that could actually be better for the apartment or put the money of “el fara7 “in the bank for your kids , come on guys really , your auntie’s little daughters friend had a great wedding ceremony , i should have a better one even , be damn rational please