cheapest sushi

How many of us LOVE sushi a lot but are too broke to even have it once a month? I bet that this is most of us. When we go to those amazing well-known sushi places we pay our hearts out and wind up being at rock bottom for the whole month.

But this is why we got your back and compiled you a list of the cheapest sushi places in town.

#1: Zi Sushi

This is probably the cheapest sushi place you’ll ever know of. Delivers quality at the lowest prices ever. What else would you ask for?

Location: Dokki

#2: Oishii Sushi

This restaurant is very encouraging with its cool ads. They are giving new sushi eaters 20% discount on their orders. If I were you, I’d definitely go.

Location: Maadi

#3: Sakura Sushi

Once you enter the restaurant, you feel like you just stepped into Japan or something. It is a must have experience with relatively cheap sushi prices. They also offer mega catering at very very reasonable prices.

Location: Maadi

#4: L Sushi

Sushi on the go is what this is with very cheap prices. You get to eat sushi in your car and enjoy each other’s company.

Location: Wataneya gas station, Maadi

#5: Sushi Yaki

The picture is enough because no other words are needed to explain how cheap this restaurant is. And the sushi looks great as well!

Location: Maadi

#6: Garnell

1- Order’em
2- Pick’em
3- Dip’em
4- Eat’em 
5- Smile 

These are the 5 rules at their restaurant. Enjoy your sushi!

Location: Heliopolis

#7: Sushi Bike

Who can eat this temple of sushi? Probably all of you once you know its price.

Location: Rehab

We hope that you have a sushilicious night without winding up broke!