Written by:  Perihan Ashraf


As usual, Egyptians have to be unique, even when it comes to Ramadan. Yes it’s a great opportunity to get closer to God, but somehow we have created some unrelated habits and privileges to make the best out of this month. Here are some mottos that most of Egyptians follow during the month.

1- Farkesh fi Ramadan w saheb fel 3eed

Well, boys consider Ramadan as the best opportunity to break up with their girlfriends without a lame excuse. And once Ramadan is over, what happens? Yeah right, try to find him if you can.


 2- As long as I fast, I can eat whatever I want afterwards

 Most girls start Ramadan with the intention of losing weight and getting in shape. However, they believe that the 16 hours of fasting alone are enough; so once it’s time to eat, it’s totally guilt free to run for the first “konafa” or “atayef” with Nutella that crosses their way. “It’s only a bite..just one bite” they said.


3- Another soba3 ma7shi won’t kill u 

 Usually, most of us gather with our families during the first week of Ramadan. And if your grandma is sitting next to you on the same table, then you’re not allowed to leave before at least 2 hours. She won’t stop stuffing you with food until you’re out of breath.


4- I know you’re suffering, but sorry, it won’t get any easier

There is a mysterious link between Ramadan and babies getting extremely sick. They cry all night, giving their parents no chance to sleep. Can it be an evil plan between them to get revenge on their parents? Why not


5- Let’s watch every single episode of every single series on tv

 Just the day prior to Ramadan, you can see your mom glued to the television’s screen, holding a paper and a pen, and writing down all series’ schedule. And don’t think about interrupting her while watching them, EVER..or else.


6- Approach me and you’ll regret it  

 The majority of men either smoke or drink coffee in the early morning. So don’t ever think about getting near them while fasting, it’s hard to predict their reaction; it can be BAD.. Really Bad! So it’s better to give them their space till iftar.


7- What happens after Iftar stays after Iftar 

 Fast, pray, read Quraan, repeat, till 7 o’clock. Starting from 7.30 till el fajr prayer, some Egyptians give themselves the right to sin and forget about what is forbidden; because “dude, a couple of drinks will do no harm, we’re not fasting now”.