Essam El Hadary

Essam El Hadary is by far one of Egypt’s best goalkeepers. We’ve been blessed with many great moments because of his hard work and commitment to football. He made us very proud when he played for El Ahly and he definitely made a legendary captain for our beloved Egyptian National Team.

7 people tell us about 7 of their best Essam El Hadary memories and we can’t help but smile. 

#1: I loved how he always bought us time while doing those Goalie Silly Acts

“I remember when there were only a few minutes left in a match, he would be super cool in an insane kind of way. He’d be overly calm when walking to pick up the ball. He had that in your face kind of attitude that made us all laugh.” (Hussein- 20 Years)

#2: Scoring a Goal in the African Super Cup in 2002

“He is the only Egyptian goalkeeper to ever score a goal in his opponent’s net. It was one of the greatest goals that I have ever seen. I still remember it like it was yesterday even though it’s been 16 years.” (Seif- 33 years)

#3: Saving Drogba’s Penalty in the 2006 African Cup of Nations

“Saving a penalty on its own is definitely one of the greatest things, but it is even greater when it is Drogba’s penalty. This penalty is what made us win the whole tournament. This was the first time for Egypt to win the African Cup of Nations after I was born. One of the best moments of my life.” (Essam- 27)

#4: Our Win Against Italy in the Confederations Cup

“This match was one of the national team’s best ever matches up till this day. We won against Italy, which back then was THE best. Elhadary was literally the man of the match because of the number of goals he had saved. I remember how Iquenta kept kicking the goal post multiple of times because he was out of luck that day.” (Abdallah-23)

#5: Saving that First Penalty in Saudi Vs Egypt Match at the World Cup

“Even though we actually lost the match, but he was named the only African goalkeeper to ever save a penalty in the World Cup. At that moment I thought we would win, but you all know how that ended.” (Hady-36)

#6: Going to the World Cup and Being the Oldest Player to Ever Participate

“Taking part in the World Cup is definitely the greatest thing that he ever achieved. I am just so happy for him because he definitely deserves it. We all want to reach our goals.” (Alaa- 45)

#7: Celebrating by Sitting on the Goal’s Post

“And of course, this one will always be our favorite moment right after a great win. It is like he gives winning a great taste because all we want to do right after is to sing ‘or2os ya hadary‘. It has truly become part of our national celebration rituals.” (Noha- 18)

It is so sad that you are retiring but it is true that all good things must come to an end. We love you and will always be proud of what you had to offer.