A new year represents the perfect chance to start over and turn a new leaf. And now that 2018 is almost over, everyone is getting ready to welcome 2019 with open arms.

However, you can’t start over with the new year if you keep the same old baggage from last year. That’s why we all need to use this time to do a cleansing ritual for our lives. We have to get rid of the bad to make room for more good.

This can only happen by ending any toxic relationship and cutting off anyone whose existence affects your life negatively. Don’t feel bad, we all have those people, but it is time to make some changes.

Here are seven people that your life could really do without.

1. The F**kboys

If you are dating, crushing on, being approached by, or even friends with a f**kboy; run fast, run far, and DON’T look back! You know the ‘love them and leave them’, seemingly complicated, always leaving you wanting more type.

If he hasn’t yet, he eventually will mess up your life and make it a living hell. So if you truly want it to be a happy new year, don’t take him with you into 2019.

2. The Narcissistic Snobs


“God’s gift to earth!” He or she will never miss a chance to show you up. In their minds, they’re always the smartest, prettiest and best at everything. It is partially not their fault though. Narcissism is considered to be a personality disorder, but a very toxic one at that.

A narcissist will always look down on you, driving you to go to extreme measures just to feel equal to them. This kind of continuous competition is in no way healthy and can cause damage to your self-esteem. So wave the narcissist goodbye along with 2018 and have a calm, condescension-free 2019!

3. Drama Queens


We all have that one person that just exudes drama in every situation. They overreact at the tiniest detail and suck the joy out of everything in life. So it is basically impossible to have fun with them around!

We are not saying that life is all rainbows and butterflies or anything, but it certainly doesn’t need any unnecessary drama. So if you are planning to celebrate the new year, cut the drama out of your life and leave it in 2018.

4. The Bitter Competitors


This kind is in a constant competition of “who is sadder”. Their problems are always bigger and tougher than yours. Sometimes they won’t even let you say what is wrong, they’ll just assume that no matter what is the problem, they have got it worse. Because they are basically the center of the universe.

Ok, so no one wants to win a bitterness competition because let’s face it, there are no winners in this aspect. So why would you allow yourself to be dragged into a pointless competition where everyone is a loser? If friends are not there to support you and listen to you when you need to be heard, then what are they even for?

5. The Know-It-All Critics

Okay, that type is more annoying than toxic. It’s that person who always pretends to have your best interest at heart and use that as an excuse to judge and criticize everything you do!

They always have this “I know better” attitude and make you feel like they can live your life better than you. It’s annoying and draining and there’s no reason to keep that kind of energy in your life. So show them that you know how to live your life by cutting them out of it!

6. The Nosy ‘Not Even Friends’

We all have that person that assumes they’re our best friend and we don’t actually consider them friends. They also assume their right to know everything about our lives and actually get offended if you -God forbid- kept something about your OWN life a secret from them.

If you have that ‘friend’, odds are you keep making excuses to avoid hanging out with them and try so hard to keep their clingy paws off your business. Why waste all that energy when a simple talk about, I don’t know, BOUNDARIES can do the trick?

7. The Over Compensators

Okay, this type might not be actually toxic to your life, but it is just downright irritating. You know, the politically over correctors who constantly try too hard to demonstrate how righteous and politically correct they are.

Most of the time it’s nothing but a show, but not a very good one. Having a simple conversation with this person is capable of sending your blood pressure to the roof. So really, why would you do that to yourself?

Some people do more harm than good; keeping them around would basically be considered self-abuse! You have to have enough self-awareness and courage to stand up for yourself and make the necessary changes to improve your life.

And there is nothing selfish about that!