If you’re single as we are during prom, don’t fret! There are so many perks to being alone during prom that you probably didn’t consider. Let’s count them down together…

1. Not feeling held down 

You get a chance to hang out with everyone who came to prom and enjoy your time.

2. You get to dance around with everyone

You don’t feel obliged at all to dance with one person all the time, on the contrary, you get to dance with all of your friends all of the time.

3. No one will bother you while you eat!

While you attack the buffet, no one will be on your back all the time while you eat. No one will ask you to leave the table to dance to their favorite songs.

4. You don’t have to worry about your prom being ruined by someone who might hurt you later

No matter boyfriend or friend, you won’t have to worry about painful memories or bad prom pictures if any fight occurs between you that night.

5. You get to go to prom with a group, not with one person

You get to have 7 dates, and not just one!

6. It’s better to be alone than have someone who’s not with you

It’s better to be alone in prom than be with someone who might pay no attention to you, or one who might pay it to other girls/things.

7. There will be no gossip about you and your date

Considering the teenage gossip we tend to avoid, sometimes it’s unavoidable. Staying away from having a date during prom will surely help you avoid such side talks!

It’s more than okay to go to your senior prom on your own. It may even be a lot more fun than having a date. Dress up, have fun and make it a night to remember!