Congrats! You’ve just graduated, and now you’re on a scavenger hunt for a job. Don’t be surprised when your hunt lasts for as long as a year; wasta is your key at this point. Here’s a list of problems you have faced while studying Engineering and will continue to face over the course of your life:

1- Hebeit El Bashmohandes

You’ve been dreaming about this ever since you’ve decided to embark on the exciting journey of becoming an engineer. To your great dismay, you discovered that most young men are dubbed ‘bashmohandes’ and that you’re not that special after all. Trust me, you are!

2- Getting kicked out of class for being a girl

Taking sexism to a whole new level when the professor decides that you look like an art major instead of an engineering student and doesn’t allow you to get into class simply because you’re a girl.

3- Not going to strike rich

You’ve been asked over and over again ‘enta mohandes? Dah enta hate2bad bel dollar ya ebny’, and then life surprises you once you graduate. You realize that you’ll probably be making just as much as anyone else starting their career.

4- All your aspirations gone to the graveyard

Don’t let the world bring you down. Your dreams will eventually come true, just not exactly the way you’ve imagined. It’s not your pace now, it’ the pace of life. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

5- Calling you ‘bashmohandesa’ when you’re a male

This will happen very often, especially if your name is Alaa or Nour. A unisex name won’t be in your favor at this point. And if you get called in for an interview, you will probably get dismissed very politely because of the mix up. Soak in the rage and let it slide.

6- Starting from the bottom going nowhere

You’re starting at the bottom of the ladder with absolutely no clue what to expect next. Being lost is totally fine. This too shall pass.

7- Assignments never end

If you think that once you’re done with university you’re done with assignment and quizzes too, think again. Assignments will never end. Being called in for a second interview with an assignment to do beforehand is totally normal.

8- Coping with rejection

This is the biggest problem of all. Don’t let it bring you down. You will go to a lot of interviews before hitting the jackpot. You won’t land the job of your dreams at the beginning, but you will get somewhere close to gain the experience you need.

Don’t get me wrong, it is one of the most satisfactory feelings to be an engineer or whatever else it is you are passionate about.