Choosing to wear Hijab is a tough decision; it requires a high level of faith and dedication. But once you get used to it, it becomes part of who you are (at least that’s what our Hijabis told us). We asked some women about the kind of problems they face with their hijab; here’s what they told us:

1. Finding a Matching Scarf

Sometimes, you find the perfect outfit, the perfect shoes, accessories, bag, and makeup…and then comes the ultimate outfit spoiler…the scarf! Every scarf seems to be an outfit-wrecker; you start questioning whether you should just stick to your off-white pass-par-tous scarf….and voila! Another wasted outfit…8-2

2. T-shirt Nos Kom

When you find a gorgeous top that fits you perfectly, and you start feeling like you can start a career as a Fashionista, then you remember that you can’t wear nos kom. In this case, you can either find yourself a simple cardigan that won’t be stealing the spotlight from your hip top or you can just calmly put the top back and hide away your tears…N.B: SAY NO TO CARINA!carina-32-s

3. Showering

If you avoid blow-drying your hair regularly to lessen the damaging effects, you’ll need to shower an hour prior to going out…Or else you’ll be stuck with “sabsaba 3ala kamkama” hair.Greasy-Hair

4. Za7la2et El Tar7a

When you find the one scarf you know will be there for you on your worst days, will accept your clothing choices no matter how you look and can rock any outfit/style perfectly, but then reality hits you. You realize that nothing good lasts forever, w tetla3 el tar7a betetza7la2! Then you’re stuck with the “2ossa bara el tar7a” sexy look.123um3q

5. Soirée Dresses

Finding an elegant evening dress is probably an obstacle every Hijabi faces! You always find the perfect dress, but then comes the nightmare of “halbes eh 3ala/ta7t el dress?” Stick to the bolero jacket…and again…SAY NO TO CARINA!94343.imgcache

6. Glasses

A problem only a Higabi can understand…Inspirasi-Gambar-Model-Jilbab-Untuk-Wanita-Berkacamata_13

7. Bad “Hijab” days…

People think that when you’re a hijabi, you can escape the “bad hair days” nightmare. Well, you thought wrong! Bad Hijab days exist and ARE a thing. They’re just as bad, if not worse!316194