Many adults and children alike dream to pursue new interests and hobbies- for a change at least. However, one of the most common things that almost everyone wants to give a try is being an actor or an actress. And here is why:

1- You get to be whoever you want to be

You get to be Superman, a queen, a country girl or a cowboy. You get to live lives that aren’t yours and experience them so deeply as if they’re real. You could never get bored of your life because you’re always having new experiences through new characters.


2- You get to dress in different styles and cool costumes

Similarly, you get to dress in different costumes that you would never get to wear in real life. Even if you get to dress in normal clothes, there’s a high chance that they’re not your everyday style; you might even have your own stylist.


3- Special treatment wherever you go

You get pampered wherever you go just because you’re a celebrity. Yes, fans might sometimes bother you and invade your privacy, but come on, you get to go to any restaurant without booking a table.


4- You get to see yourself on screen and get to see people’s reaction watching you

This one might be weird. But let’s agree that it’s cool to watch yourself at the movie theater for example, or even cooler in 3D.

60th Anisversary showing of John Ford's film The Quiet Man at the Somerville Theatre during The Irish Film Festval 2012, Boston

5- You get to make people react to you.. make them laugh, cry or think

You get to control people’s feelings – this might sound evil but it’s not- you get to make people happy by being a comedian, or make them emotional or even scared.


6- You’ll get to know other celebrities which is so cool

You get to deal with other celebrities on a daily basis and even befriend them. It’s definitely cool to be able make a call and chit chat with Yousra or Mervat Amin for example.



7- If you’re good, you’ll never be forgotten 

People will remember you even after you pass away. Your work will remain and still be watched by millions of people long after you’re gone.


Of course, acting still has its fair share of cons, like constantly being criticized and placed under a microscope. People will probably know every little detail about your personal life along with a couple of other disadvantages but it still rocks!!