clean breakup
Each one of you probably went through at least one breakup in their lifetime, and I’m here to tell you why you should always make it clean and crisp. Often times, it’s hard to let go of the person that was a huge part of our lives. We tend to hold on to this “we can still be friends” notion, not realizing that it’s a recipe for disaster. Clean breakups are the only way to have a breakup. 

1- No pining 


Getting over someone is hard, and if they’re still in your life, it gets even harder. If you were in love with your ex for a long time, it seems impossible to even get them out of your head. Imagine having to get over an ex when all you see are their new WhatsApp display pictures and all the other constant reminders of their awesomeness. With a clean breakup, even if you don’t delete/unfollow them on social media, as long as you don’t see their posts on social media or talk to them, it reduces the longing you’re bound to feel.

2- Stay away from the temptation of asking them back 


He/she is your ex for a reason! If you’re in contact, the chances of you giving in to the temptation of asking them back are too high. You need to ditch that at all costs.

3- Don’t give them a chance to flirt their way back 

If you’re still talking, even if you’re able to contain your temptations, you’ve giving them a chance to slither back into your life. They already know your weaknesses and know just how to soften your heart. SHUT IT DOWN!

4- You don’t wanna know how they’re doing 


If they’re doing really well (better than you, even) it’ll feel like absolute shit and you’ll be wondering how they managed to move on this fast. You’ll start comparing your post-breakup lives. You don’t wanna fall into that rabbit hole!

5- Avoid things that’ll make you cry 


It’s hard on you when you have to see things about them and talk to them during the process. Even if you’re having a clean break, and you pass by a restaurant that reminds you of them, or a spot you used to always hang out in, the waterworks might work. It’ll just make those occurrences less if you have a clean breakup.

6- Eventually forget why you liked them 


The point is to move on. If you stop talking and seeing them all over social media, your memories of them will slowly fade. Of course, forgetting is too wishful, but you can let those memories remain in the backdrop. Take charge of your memories, instead of letting them take charge of you.

7- Ultimate closure de330080-4e44-0132-4205-0ebc4eccb42f

The ultimate goal is, of course, to get closure. Moving on from an ex isn’t about your ability to get into another relationship or feel something for someone else, but your ability to move on FROM that person. It’s about getting back a rhythm with yourself.


With a clean breakup, and the closure you’ll ultimately get from it, there’s growth. We learn that people come and go, and that letting go of someone isn’t a sign of weakness or lack of perseverance, but of strength.