Fat Amy, the funny character from Pitch Perfect 1 and 2, has given us so much to laugh about. She’s definitely one of my favourite things about these movies. Her sense of humour and charisma on camera are just so unique. I love her. I was watching one of the movies recently and thinking how much of a cool character she really is. Aside from her humour, Fat Amy has many special traits we can learn from and appreciate.

1) She’s unapologetically herself


I love how accepting of herself Fat Amy is. She speaks her mind and she doesn’t hold back. She dresses, acts, sings and talks the way she likes, even if it doesn’t conform to what society deems appropriate. I love that she’s her own person and doesn’t let anybody change that.

2) She’s honest


Fat Amy will say it how it is, very bluntly so.

3) She has a great voice


Her voice speaks, or rather sings, for itself. I love how powerful it is.

4) She has a great presence on stage


Another great thing about Fat Amy. This compliments her strong voice so well. Her confidence on stage is inspiring. Anybody interested in performing can definitely learn from her stage presence.

5) She’s different


I love how unique Fat Amy is. I admire how she embraces her weirdness and doesn’t see it as a negative thing; it’s just who she is and she seems perfectly satisfied and comfortable this way. I think this sends a great message to all weirdos out there (including me). You should embrace who you are, no matter how different you are from those around you. Do not conform to the norm. Let your weirdness and uniqueness shine.

6) She’s comfortable with her body and has refreshing confidence


This is, by far, my favourite thing about Fat Amy. I love how accepting and comfortable she is with her body. I love how she embraces it and flaunts it. I love how she doesn’t let society’s standards of beauty define or confine her. I respect her for it. I wish I could learn to be this confident about my body.

7) She’s hilarious


Anybody who’s watched the movies can vouch for that.