Yes, we do.

1. Drama-free

They truly are. They don’t talk as much, make as much a fuss out of little things and are just much much simpler than… you know!


2. Life Savers

Whenever a girl is in trouble, romantic or otherwise.. Guy friend, to the rescue! Not to mention all the errands we throw at them and they don’t even know it (shh!)



3. Better in Matchmaking 

Apparently, my girl friends think that my type includes idiots, drunks, OCDs, and short, tiny guys! On the other hand and surprisingly enough, a guy friend always finds a pretty good match.


4. Problem Solvers  

No matter how big or small of a problem a girl might be having, he always has a solution, even if it spying on a prospective boyfriend.


5. Non-stressful company 

Seriously, we just hang out, talk, eat, play and everything is just.. smooth!



6. Give good guy advice!


7. Can blend in with any crowd (even my girl friends)!