“There was no where to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.” Jack Kerouac’s quote is the philosophy of every person with a wanderlust. Travel is the food for our souls, and what better time to do so that this summer? CIB and EgyptAir collaborated together to help you feed your soul and to go see the world.

Do you have wanderlust? Below are your 7 reasons why you should get CIB-EGYPTAIR Mileseverywhere card. Drum roll please…

Reason #1 Win Free Tickets To Europe, Africa, Middle East, Gulf!!

Yep, you read this one right. Starting the 8th of March until the 10th of May, CIB and EGYPTAIR will organize a draw on 39 pairs of tickets with three winners announced every week! By just applying for the card your name will enter 10 times into the draw. But if you want to increase your chances to win, the Platinum cardholder will get 3 entries for every EGP 500 they spend on their credit card and Titanium cardholders will get 1 entry for every EGP 500

Link to apply: http://www.cibeg.com/arabic/Personal/Cards/Pages/Apply-and-Win-Airline-Tickets.aspx


Reason #2 Win Free Tickets To Your Destination of Choice

More good news to come folks; on the last week of the draw, the final mega prize will be granted to the top three credit cardholders who have spent the most on their CIB-EGYPTAIR Mileseverywhere card. They will get two business class tickets to their destination of choice!


Reason #3 Best Welcome Gift Ever!

When you apply to get Mileseverywhere card, you automatically receive welcome bonus miles up to 5,000 miles, which means discounts on purchasing travel tickets. Who can say no to discounts?

Reason #4 The More You Shop, The More You Travel

For every EGP 10 spent on a Mileseverywhere Platinum card, you will earn one free mile, same goes for the Titanium card but for every EGP 20. So the more you purchase, the more miles you earn, the bigger the discount you get on your plane tickets! In a nutshell, it’s not travel to shop anymore; it’s shop to travel!

Reason #5 End of the Extra & Overweight Baggage Headache!  

If you’re like us, the type of travelers who like to dress up while traveling so we take our whole wardrobe with us, or if you’re a shopping soul, who travels back with a whole new wardrobe, it is your lucky day. Platinum cardholders receive one free extra baggage allowance, and Titanium cardholders enjoy a 50% discount for one additional bag on EGYPTAIR flights.

Reason #6 You Always Come First

Platinum and Titanium cardholders enjoy priority check-in at the business class counters when flying on EGYPTAIR regardless the class of travel. No more waiting lines.

Reason #7 You Will Be Treated Like Royalty

This card is your key to unlimited complimentary access to MasterCard airport lounges at selected locations throughout the Middle East.

And that’s how you travel like a boss, folks!