Board games were a staple of everyone’s childhood, but have you considered bringing them back into your social life as an adult? Here are the reasons why you definitely should:

1- Strategy

You’re involved in an activity that actually stimulates your brain and encourages you to come up with strategy in an engaging way. So, you have the benefit of both hanging out with your friends AND doing something that is good for you.Picture4

2- Inside Jokes

Whether you tend to always target this one particular person or make the same mistakes in the game, playing with your friends is bound to create a spontaneous fun atmosphere that generates plenty of inside jokes and funny incidents that you guys are likely going to be referring to often!Picture2

3- Competitiveness

The competitive side of your friends is something you probably aren’t that familiar with; here is where it will truly emerge and you’ll get to see it fully. Being competitive in the right dose is a healthy trait; exercising it is definitely good for you. Board games with a competitive nature will definitely help with that.Picture6

4- More Than Just Hanging Around

In Egypt, most outings or hang outs just revolve around food. Playing a board game can really add something different to your social time. You won’t just be sitting around in a café gossiping and eating. It’s a great activity that has plenty of variety and adds heaps of entertainment.tumblr_nm7fdfniRQ1tcsgn2o1_1280

5- Breaking The Ice

A board game night can be the best way to break the ice between new people. You’re not busy trying to come up with conversation topics or common interests because you’re focused on the game. It’s a great way to fill in all the conversation gaps while still getting to know someone better.tumblr_ns6funL1Vr1s9362xo1_500


6- Fun!

Playing board games is one of those activities that just never gets old. No matter what your age group is, it will always be enjoyable. It’s a perfect way to ensure you’ll be having a great time with people you care about.giphy4


Pick up a small board game and carry it around in your bag. Trust me; nothing like a few cards to help make a dull night a big hit!