By: Nadeen Waleed

As much as owning a dog seems quite attractive, I suggest you think twice before taking this malicious step.

1. Their hair goes everywhere

Even if you think your dog is hairless, take a look at the floor and it’ll prove you wrong!

2. They smell!

No matter how many times you have washed them, they will still smell.

3. They’re expensive

Nowadays the cheapest pack of dog food is around 250 LE, not to mention the cost of vet visits, buying a collar (that it will most probably chew in a matter of two weeks)…etc.

4. If they die (ba3d el shar), you are deeply hurt

So why not avoid the pain…?

5. They are easily bored and therefore require constant attention

Even if you’re lifeless and would much rather spend your free time watching some TV series or better yet, sleeping.

6. TICKS!!!

The most disgusting creatures you’ll ever see. Ticks are bugs that stick to their host (probably your dog) and suck off their blood…drop after drop. Good luck removing them without hurting the poor dog, or even worse—you, fainting at the sight…

7. If you just think that your beautiful green backyard will solve all these problems, again, think twice

Oh, bear in mind that you won’t even have any more green left…your dog will eat the grass out.

P.S.: I believe that if your dog is really really really trained to do everything and could spare you a lot of the endless chores of owning a dog, and if you have a garden or a backyard to keep it in there, go ahead! I’m giving you a green light.