Keeping fit and healthy is great but when it starts to invade your love life, it can be pretty unhealthy. If you’re dating a frequent gym-goer, the gym can seem like more than just a serious commitment for them. This is why there’s more than one reason why you should avoid dating a  gym-aholic.

1- He spends all his money on supplements

Supplements are pretty expensive. If you’re dating a gym-aholic, he will definitely be spending a handsome portion of his budget on purchasing those supplements. This means he will hardly have enough cash left to pay for anything else, no dates or Valentines gifts. Your birthday presents are probably belated too.lYkMyg

2- He only talks about the gym

You can’t seem to talk about anything except his new workout routine of sets and super sets. Even when you’re not talking about the gym, he still finds a way to make the conversation about the gym.

3- He poses in front of the mirror… a lot!

He really likes the way he looks and spends a lot of time examining himself in the mirror. Going shopping with him is a nightmare because he admires his reflection in every shop window.giphy

4- His camera roll is full of progress photos

The amount of selfies he’s taken at the gym are just too many to count. He’s mastered the art of the selfie, but at the cost of having a camera roll full of his progress photos. What’s worse is him constantly sending you those images, so they’ll be on your phone’s memory too!  rkqMNW

5- He spends too much time at the gym

You can’t really go out because the gym takes up a big portion of the day for him. You can’t tell him not to do that, because then you’d be selfish! It’s not a situation you can

6- His aspirations aren’t very aspirational

He’ll probably want to be a trainer at the gym he’s frequenting. There’s nothing wrong with that, but think of it this way: Now it’s his job to spend over 6 hours there :’)

7- He expects you to train as much as he does 

He wants gains, he wants you be a fitness couple, and he wants you to lay off the chips. Hell, no! That ain’t gonna happen!M8K5KP

To be fair, not all gym-goers are like this! This article is directed towards those with gym obsessions. Take our advice and stay away unless you’re a gym-aholic yourself!