Shopping for technological gadgets is always nerve-wracking, isn’t it? With all the choices, techno-terms, and all that jazz, you may find yourself suffering a plain existential crisis. Just what are you supposed to choose here?! We know we have been where you are now—that’s why we’ve decided to save you the trouble of all the extra deep-searching by sharing this review with you.

But honestly? We’re just using this as an excuse. See, after our trial with the new ASUS ZenBook Duo UX481, we’ve discovered a number of perks we think anyone looking for a new laptop—or simply, a better laptop—will enjoy. How can we not let you in on that?


Okay, so this feature is among the most exciting we’ve seen yet. Already pre-installed, MYASUS is literally your one-stop portal for ASUS software and it’s a lifesaver.

It puts all the important ASUS apps on your system in one place, which maximizes the available space on your laptop—and frankly, you know you’ll always need extra space—who doesn’t? But that’s not it, either.

This portal also gives you easy access to all the useful apps that will help you maintain and update your system and software and if necessary, directly contact ASUS for aftersales service and support.


When laptop-shopping, design isn’t always your number one top priority but it’s up there, that we know for a fact. Thankfully, the new ZenBook Duo design, coming in a stunning celestial blue, doesn’t mean you’ll have to compromise efficiency for the sake of elegance, either.

An evolution of its predecessors’ designs, the ZenBook Duo design is so intricate it redesigned the internal system’s design to accommodate its demanding specifications—14-inch display with a 12.6-inch secondary display and an elite graphics engine—while keeping the sleek 90% screen-to-body ration, distraction-free view design intact.

ScreenPad Plus

This little perk right here is the one we’re betting will change your life simply because it will change anyone’s for the better. See, with the ScreenPad Plus, you get a full-width 12.6-inch secondary touchscreen that works effortlessly with the main 14-inch touchscreen—two screens for double the efficiency you’ll have to personalize your workflow!

The ScreenPad Plus screens come with a number of built-in apps that help raise your productivity as well as a Quick Key that allows you to do any complex keyboard sequences in one single tap and a Handwriting tool that lets you take notes without a second thought.

Cool, right? Well, that’s not it. There are also useful controls like the App Switcher, ViewMax—will maximize your viewing experience by expanding the app window on all screens—, Task Group—will customize app groups and use the icon to open 5 apps, 2 on the main screen and 3 on the ScreenPad Plus—, and Task Swap—will switch the position of open apps on all screens—that will make monitoring the main screen and the ScreenPad Plus a piece of cake.

If you’re still not sold, just know that you can use the ScreenPad Plus to make video-editing, programming, 2D graphic design, and gaming much easier and more controllable.

Screen-Mirroring and Your Phone

With all the new updates to the ZenBook Duo, you may think you’ve got one efficient laptop coming but here’s the thing—the perks aren’t just limited to your laptop now. They’re also crossing over to your phone.

Your phone can now be used as a screen extender—yes, yet another screen—and you can also mirror your phone on your PC if you want to. This goes without mentioning that the file transfer between phone and PC is now faster than ever and you can also download files from your PC directly to your phone too!


If you’ve ever complained about your laptop’s battery before, you’ll want to see this. The ZenBook Duo has a high-capacity 70Wh battery so you can use it anywhere without ever worrying about charging yet—yes, even with all those extra screens.

The laptop also has about four charging modes, for all occasions. You have your Full Capacity mode, for the days you’re going to be on the move and regularly using your laptop, Maximum Lifespan mode, for exclusive-desktop operation that’s always plugged in, Balanced mode, for a default, hassle-free choice, and the Fan mode, simply for when you’re too annoyed by the laptop CPU cooling fans’ noise.

2-Year Perfect Warranty

Let’s not avoid the obvious, okay? Accidents happen to the best of us, no matter how hard we try to avoid them, but not all major companies get that. Thankfully, though, ASUS does and, yes, it’s a major perk here.

Providing international warranty in over 83 countries, ASUS runs a perfect warranty program that’s there to help you through any accidents that may damage your laptop, including liquid spills, electrical surges, and drops.


You know how you sometimes don’t take your laptop with you on any travels because it might not withstand the trip? Yeah, that’s over now. The new ZenBook Duo (and its 10th Generation Intel® Core™) can last through any harsh environment, including extreme altitudes, temperatures, and humidity.

It’s literally so reliable, it meets the ultra-demanding MIL-STD-810G military standard for reliability. AKA you will not make excessive gadget-precaution ever again.

Identity rating: 9/10. A quality laptop perfect for creative users like content creators and many more.

We told you, didn’t we? You’ll want to swap your old laptop for this.