Many people claim that being the oldest sibling is great, but the truth is, when you’re older you have a lot more responsibilities than your younger brother/sister. Being the younger sibling is super cool. if you don’t believe me, here are all the reasons why: 

1- You know how to have fun

See, older siblings are way too old for their own good. They have to take care of us and basically end up having a lot of responsibilities which we, younger siblings, don’t have! This means we probably have a lot more fun than they do and are a lot less serious.

2- You can deal with ridicule!


Growing up with older siblings meant you had to deal with a lot of ridicule from them and you had to take it because you were the youngest. But what that does is prepare you for any kind of ridicule that comes your way! You toughen up and insults don’t affect you.

3- You can get away with anything! 


Because a lot of the attention was focused on your older siblings, you could literally get away with anything you wanted!


4- Like anything! gif_money1

Asking for money was a breeze because your parents can’t say no to your baby face!

5- You might just be the favorite


By virtue of being younger, you’re cuter in comparison to any of your older siblings. It’s an unfair advantage but it might just mean that you’re the parents’ favorite!

5- You learn how to deal with conflict


Fighting with your older siblings has prepared you for any kind of conflict that comes your way. You know how to deal with any situation, thanks to them.

6- You have the freedom to be weird

Again, because a lot of the focus was directed to your older siblings, your parents were a lot more lenient with you when you wanted to do something strange.

7- Your older sibling is your personal bodyguard


Despite all the differences between you and your brother/sister, you always know that they will have your back.

To all you, younger siblings out there, be thankful you were born this lucky!