If you’ve had to live with roommates in Egypt, you’ll probably relate to this list.

1.      The One Who Always Borrows Your Clothes

She’s the one who knows your wardrobe by heart and never minds fishing into it whenever she’s bored with hers. She’s probably still wearing your bag.

2.      The Burper/Farter

The one who has no shame. He’ll be walking around not even apologizing for the atrocity. Make sure to have an air-freshener on hand if you’re living with this one.

3.      The Abla Kamel

The one who’s always whining about her unfair life, her boyfriend, her depression. She’ll weep into your ears for hours if you let her.

4.      The One Who Always Borrows Everything

If anything’s missing from your room, you know theirs is where you’ll find your missing item. They’re hoarders by nature, and they’ll always ask for one thing or another nicely enough but never return it.

5.      The Light-handed Tenant

There’s that shady character around whom you literally have to count your fingers after you shake hands. Unfortunately, they usually have a prime target who’s always their victim. You won’t know who they are until half the good stuff is gone.

6.      The Loud One

The one who wakes you up every time you’re trying to take a nap. They’re the lively ones you want around for a party but would love to get rid of at breakfast time.

7.      The Hygiene Freak

The one who’s polishing every surface 10 times a day. Their hands are probably too dry from using all those detergents, and they don’t mind packing a hose in their bag while traveling as if that will compensate for the shatafa (bidet)!

Did we miss any roommate types in this country? Share with us your weird roommate experiences, perhaps they could make the list too!