The job of the self-employed or rather self-imposed ‘Sayes’ is one that is most definitely exclusive to the Egyptian people; it’s not available anywhere else around the world. If you’re Egyptian, you definitely enjoy a love-hate relationship with the Soyass. While they may help you find a parking space when you so desperately need one, they undoubtedly torture you in the process. Here are 7 agonizing statements by every Egyptian Sayes:

1-“Hatet2akhar ya basha?” 

Why do they consider it okay to ask me whether I’ll be late or not. Have they not heard of privacy?!


2-“Maalesh 7addan shwaya!!”

They usually wait until you have parked your car, turned it off and getting ready to get out before they ask you to move it a bit to the right or left. They always have the misconception that there is enough room for another car to park.

rolling eyes

3-“Kol sana wenta tayeb”

Whether it’s Eid or not, you’re always greeted with “kol sana wenta tayeb  ya basha.” It always means you should give them money.


4-“Sebeely el mofta7”

Even if you’re parked in a good spot, they usually insist on keeping the car key.

dont trust you

5-“El barkin ya fandem” or “10 geneih.”

Yes, most of the soyas require the payment in advance!!


6-“Memawara yafandem?”

When you leave your car double-parked, they come running to make sure that you left it on “N” so they can push it around.


7-“Eksar kolo 3ala el akher… erga3 erga3 erga3” *you crash * “tamam keda”

This by far is the thing we hate most about Soyass; they keep trying to pull an act of helping you park while all they do is actually annoy and distract you. They get you agitated with their non ending comments “erga3y, eksary kolo 3ala el akher, roddi, roddi tant, erga3y erga3y” and then you end up bumping your car.  That’s when they shout “Baaaaaassssss.. Tamam keda!!”

thank you