Some people play for the fun of it; others play to kill time. You, my friend, have taken it one step further that some psychiatrists are now calling you an addict. Surely, it’s not as bad as getting hooked on cigarettes or alcohol, but hey…it still fits the profile.

Below are 7 signs that show why you (and myself included) actually need professional help:

1- Taking “ta2feel el le3ba” to the next level

video-games-sleep-1024x600 Okay, let’s get this one straight. Most people think that beating the story mode is finishing a game. You, however, know better. “Le3ba met2afela” means sleepless nights of grinding at each and every aspect of the game till you’re awarded the very last trophy out there.

2- You look down on those who play Fifa/PES only

Second point

That being said, you might even see your friends as “lesser beings” for not sharing your same level of enthusiasm for the newest edition of Fallout.

3. People tend to enjoy watching you play

3rd point To the normal person (the one you look down on), stringing a 50 hit combo, or doing a triple kill isn’t really applicable. For you, however, with your quick thumbs and hours of experience, it’s the only way to go.

4. You’re the “go-to-guru” when it comes to video-games

4th point Whether it’s someone asking you about which game to buy, or receiving annoying calls from friends stuck at a certain level, it all points to your geeky addiction.

5. Oscars eh; Whats aboutz your new E3?

5th point

The fact that you didn’t google “what is E3” right now says it all. As for you, illiterate ones, E3 is the annual conference where all new games and consoles are showcased. Get your $h%t together!

6. “Shab N-gage”

6th point No matter how many gaming consoles you own, your gaming habits follow you everywhere. Even if you didn’t own a Nokia N-gage at one point in your life, I bet your phone is packing a massive “games” folder. 

7. Your bae is trying to keep-up with you

High angle view of a young couple playing video game

Assuming that you have enough sex appeal left in you to actually have a girlfriend, she’s probably breaking a leg trying to understand how to do an “upper cut”. Note: if he can stand your nonsense button mashing and is actually trying to teach you something, he’s in love…