Are you in your early twenties to mid thirties? Are you crippled with feelings of indecision and fear of the future? If yes, then odds are, you might be experiencing what’s called a ‘quarter life crisis’. 

A quarter life crisis is basically the equivalent of a mid-life crisis but for people transitioning from adolescence to adult life. Here are some signs you might be going through one now:

1-You Find Yourself Nostalgic for the Good Old Days

You’re always looking back to the days when life seemed a lot simpler and your biggest problem was getting your crush to like you or scoring an A on that test. You long for days that are long gone.


2-You Switch Jobs at an Alarming Rate

You’re not really sure where you’re going with your career or what you want out of your job. You keep looking elsewhere for fulfilling opportunities to no avail.


3-You Feel the Need to Do Something Crazy

You want to add a little spontaneity back into your life; you hate monotony and routine. You feel the need to backpack across Europe, go clubbing or do anything that could make you feel young again.


4-You Find Yourself Surrounded by People Who Know What They’re Doing with Their Lives

Everyone your age is either already married or engaged; they all seem to have stable jobs that they’re happy with. Why can’t you do the same?EMGN-Crying-22


5-You’re Not Where You Pictured You would be

Thinking ahead, you thought things would be a lot different at 24 or 30. Now, you’re at that age and things aren’t the way you imagined they would be. You thought you’d have your life sorted out by now!


6-You’re Questioning Your Relationship Status

If you’re in a relationship, you’re wondering why you aren’t married, and if you’re single, you’re wondering if you should be married. Either way, your love life is pretty confusing!


7-The Thought of Aging Scares You

Turning 21 was great, but then you turned 22 and every year you just kept getting older and now you just want it to stop! The closer you get to being a full fledged mature adult, the scarier it gets. You’ve been thinking about investing in a time machine lately to deal with this aging phenomenon!60762858

The good news is, you’re not alone! This is all part of growing up and ultimately we all have to realize that while yesterday was great, tomorrow has the opportunity to be a whole lot greater! If all else fails, better start working on that time machine!