When it’s this cold, we find ourselves always craving foods and liquids. But a great way to combine both and have an added warmth too is by having some comforting soup.

You could have it at work to keep you warm and energetic, or you could also enjoy it in the comfort of your own bed. So, if you’re wondering where to get good soup, we listed below the best ones in Cairo!


Crave in Zamalek is our go-to spot for comfort food. But in winter, it’s a whole different story. We never visit without ordering one of their lovely soups. They have a great variety too!

El Kazaz

We all know El Kazaz in Downtown for their sublime street food. But did you know they make the best Lentil soup in town?

Sabai Sabai

Sabai Sabai is this little Thai restaurant that we’ve recently discovered in Zamalek. If you’re not a Thai food person, ordering one of their hearty soups is just as good.

Tres Bon

When it comes to the old school food places, we STAN hard. The food in Tres Bon just feels like home. And the soup options are no exceptions. Just like any good old food chain, the prices are still reasonable!


Spectra once had their moment in the sun and now not so much. But honestly, this doesn’t mean the food is any less good. Soup wise, they remain one of the top best places when it comes to taste and portions. Soup in a bread-bun anybody?

Cairo Kitchen

Another Zamalek spot that makes great soup is Cairo Kitchen. Although somewhat pricey, their special spices and recipes remain unrivaled!

Chick Shack

Haven’t tasted their chicken yet? You should. While you’re at it get yourself a bowl of their super creamy chicken soup to warm up your cold days!

Stay warm and comforted, folks!