It’s summertime, and everybody is getting ready for the hot season! Some are already hitting the road, and others are slaying it at Sahel or Sokhna. However, some people are planning upcoming months of misery sans fast food and snacks, i.e dieting.

If you are new to the whole dieting thing, then here are 7 stages you should prepare yourself to go through!

1 #TheBlockingandFollowing

Just a day before dieting, your enthusiasm pushes you to the edge where you start blocking all the pages that have to do with fast food, tasty videos or food porn. Instead, you replace them with ones following healthy food, models and exercise.

2 #GettingReady

The first thing you think of before you start dieting is clearing your fridge off any snacks or unhealthy food. Suddenly, the urge of going shopping for healthy food kicks in, and you do not hesitate to invade the healthy food section. Instead of going for Nutella, snacks and white bread, you go for vegetables, fruits and white oats.

3 #TheObsession

After weeks of dieting and regular exercise, you become fixated on the idea of weight loss. While hanging out with your friends, you do nothing but count the calories of every food you lay your eyes on. They get annoyed by the looks you give them while they enjoy eating their tasty shawerma or any other fast food.

The first thing that comes to your mind, in the morning, is stepping on the weight scale. Yeah, that happens! And of course, let’s not forget the part where you become obsessed with Victoria’s Secret models’ Instagram accounts.

4 #FrustrationandBoredom

Enough with convincing your inner self that you’re happy with your current life! The signs of weight loss start to appear, but then it becomes so hard to lose like 2kgs per week. That’s when the craving part kicks in. Your mind, instinctively, develops images of mouth-watering food. This is where the battle between the little fighter inside you and the urge to break free commences. Oh, good luck with that!

5 #LosingControl

This is the saddest part about the whole dieting process. It all starts with one bite! Soon enough, gluttony kicks in and you become a sinner of the holy Mother of Dieting! You suddenly feel the urge to gulp any food-related item down your throat.

6 #Regret

The tragic downfall of any dieter is when he or she steps on the weight scale after a certain period of free-eating. You start to contemplate what would have been your weight if it wasn’t for breaking free from the dieting restrictions. You start to see that in a parallel universe you would have been a carbon-copy of the models you watch on T.V.

7 #LifeIsTooShort

During the last stage, your inner voice of wisdom resurfaces, and you immediately pull the “Life is too short” card. Lastly, you fill your head with “screw this” and “what ifs” kind of justifications. The truth is that nobody needs anything! You are beautiful just the way you are. So, screw all the “summer body” trends that are all over the internet!

These are the 7 dieting stages that most of us go through, tell us in the comments which phase you are currently in.