We think we know it all when it comes to guys, but they never fail to surprise us. They remain a mystery to us!! But the good thing is that they hardly ever figure us out too. Check out these mesmerizing facts and try to comprehend how guys really think!

1- Never underestimate their unmistakable admiration for hands and feet; they always appreciate a pair of  “beautiful” neatly pedicured feet. If you ask them what they mean by “beautiful” feet, they just can’t figure it out. They just know them when when they see them.

2-In general, most guys hate make up; they only like it if it’s minimalist and makes the girl look radiant without the extra layers of powder and concealer. Sometimes, they even believe it’s covering a disaster underneath.

make up and guys


3-When it comes to “tazbeet”, they think exactly like us. Although they don’t show it, sometimes they over-think it, even more than we girls do.

4-They can go almost totally BLANK for hours. When guys say they’re not thinking about anything, they’re really not kidding. They are very capable of doing so. Let’s take an example: If a guy is laying on the beach, all he might be thinking about is the deep blue sky and how it’s so cool that the sea has the exact same color, or they might be wondering about the tiny goldfish swimming in the sea!! On the other hand, his wife might be thinking about a million things at the same time, the most important of which is what her husband is really thinking about and she won’t settle for “I’m thinking about NOTHING”. Don’t we just wish we can go blank for only a few seconds?!!

5-They still prefer classics. Black dresses, burgundy nails and lipstick will always be their favorite.

burgundy lipstick

6-They never understand why we need to carry around so many things in our handbags, or why we carry bags in the first place. They  believe we only need “our necessities” which are supposedly our money and cell phone. They are unaware that “our necessities” also include our perfume, our make up clutch, our light snack, gum, and pens!!


7-They don’t get a lot of the stuff we use like nail files for example. They keep wondering why we don’t just use scissors instead. Well, nail files are used to SHAPE the nails, not CUT them!!


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