One-Sided Love

I bet you’re confused, can’t blame you, because on what universe the devastation of having your heart call out to someone who doesn’t feel the same, can have advantages? But as a wise man once said, there is a dark and bright side to everything, you just need to know where to look. It’s about taking the sourest lemon life has to offer, and making something that resembles lemonade (Yep, I am quoting This Is Us). So instead of wrapping ourselves in pain and misery, let’s see what we can gain from unrequited love.

Advantage #1 You Learn What It Means To Love

It’s not that reciprocated love is not true, but your case teaches you to love unconditionally. People give love and receive it in return. But you give it free of charges. No conditions. No expectations. You give it without considering what’s in it for you.

Advantage #2 You Become Emotionally Strong  

The hardest lesson we all can never swallow, is that life is unfair. Not everything we want, dream about and work for will come to us. When your heart gets pushed away, it stings. That pain teaches you that when life is sweet to you, you say thank you and celebrate. When it’s bitter, you say thank you and grow. And that’s how you become emotionally strong.

Advantage #3 It Forces You To Improve Yourself 

It might sound wrong, but who cares! When we are rejected, our subconscious mind translates it that we are not good enough. And without being aware, you constantly and tirelessly seek to reach the best version of yourself. Yes, it’s for the wrong reason, but still is an advantage.

Advantage #4 You Learn To Be More Patient 

Well, we all know that patience is bitter, but its fruit is so damn sweet. It can take someone years to develop this quality, but you got it for free. It grew under your skin while you were waiting for your love to be acknowledged. While you were on the watch for hope. Nothing can sharpen this quality like waiting for love.

Advantage #5 You Learn What Really Makes You Happy 

We are wired to survive no matter what the circumstances are. So the survival instincts within you will break out. And the only way to get over one sided love is to fight back by doing things you love. So you immerse yourself in hobbies, new friends and adventures. You learn what things in life make you truly happy.

Advantage #6 You Learn to Never Take Anything For Granted

We are all guilty of it, taking the love that everyone around us provide us with for granted. You learn how wrong that is the hard way. So you vow within you, that no matter what, you will take notice, you will be grateful for every ounce of love coming your way.

Advantage #7 You Realise You’re Happy on Your Own 

As you lick your wounds, start to heal, and get through your heartbroken haze, you realize you don’t really need anyone to make you happy. You realize you’re enough, because lover or not you will always be all what you have. So the least you can do for yourself (your lifetime pal) is to be happy.

And that’s how you get yourself one hell of a tasty lemonade, my friend.