Have you ever wondered about the life of a biker? Bikers are a group of people who live in codes. The way they ride together, communicate with each other, and overcome any obstacle makes them a respected kind of people who are not only brave, but also civilized. Additionally, bikers have some traits in common that identify them; here are some.

  • I’m broke, and I like it!


Bikers usually spend most of their income (if not all) on their motorcycles. Buying new motorcycle gear, accessories and vests is in their genes; they simply can’t see a perfectly customized matching helmet and not order it!

  • Cars are a prison


Don’t ever ask a biker to ride in a car! He will probably end up killing someone, or committing suicide as they get tortured by being imprisoned in this cage. You either move, or fly! Don’t just keep moving in front of me!

  • The bike’s noise is their favorite kind of music

If you think that motorcycles make lots of noise, then kindly, keep it to yourself, because a biker will strongly disagree with you. In fact, bikers identify one another by the sound of their bikes. And what you call “noise” is a beautiful harmony to them.

  • Community is a must


Riding a bike is not the same without being a part of a group. Being surrounded by people who share the same obsession as you is amazingly insane.  At least, you don’t feel like the only crazy one out there as everyone tells you when you’re around them.

  • The spotlight is all on me


Bikers everywhere always succeed to create an optimal image for themselves. They never fail to steal the spotlight as they ride all together in their fancy bikes and deluxe accessories. They usually get asked by people to take pictures with them, and they get interviewed by many media representors from time to time, which actually make them feel famous.

  • Tan? What tan!

A biker’s tan is like no other. Legs are tanned to only mid-thighs, and let’s not mention “tan el fala7een” of their arms. You can definitely spot bikers on the beach from their “not so cool” tan. But they don’t mind after all.

  • Riding a bike is the perfect therapy


Feeling stressed, depressed, lost, or angry? Then it’s riding time. A biker’s bike is a second home; it’s where he finds peace and serenity. Riding is a healing process that no one gets but the biker himself.