A lot of the time, we seem to think that people in the UK or the US have it better than we do. When we draw comparisons, we always tend to believe they’re a lot more developed than we are. But the truth is, there are a lot of things you can do here in Egypt that you wouldn’t be able to do over there! 

1- Smoking Indoors

Due to a ban on smoking in both the UK and the US, it’s prohibited to smoke indoors in public areas. But here, we have a smoking area, where you can enjoy the indoor atmosphere while having a smoke. tumblr_o0dnc6rzMr1tz8mito1_500

2- Get Everything Delivered

The concept of delivery is present in all 3 countries, but in Egypt you can literally have anything delivered right to your doorstep. From pizza to groceries to medicine to really just about anything.


3- Take a Walk Along the Longest River in the World! 

The Nile river is pretty damn awesome. Once you realize that no other river in the world parallels its size, you begin to really appreciate how great it is and why the ancient Egyptians held it in such high regard.gJyrjZ

4- Extended Opening Hours

Unless you’re living in a big city, closing hours of stores can be pretty annoying with stores closing in the US/UK at around 7PM at the most. In Egypt, you can have an H&M store open till 11 PM, just in case you’re a night shopper! And in Ramadan these opening hours are sure to be extended!319498470_tp

5- Everything Is Over-the-counter! 

While we don’t have a variety of medication available like in the UK or US, you don’t necessarily need to have a prescription to purchase most medication in Egypt which makes buying medication a lot less hassle-free than it is in the UK.tumblr_n0udh6q0rp1s567uwo1_500

6- Monuments From Different Eras

Egypt is the country where you can find monuments from different eras. From Ancient Egyptian to Greek, Roman and Islamic, Egypt has it all! Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 3.52.04 PM

7- Double Sea! 

Where else can you vacation in both the Red Sea and the Mediterranean?  tumblr_inline_mkpjezn5Zd1qz4rgp

I don’t know about you, but the UK and the US are suddenly sounding a lot less appealing.