Meetings were originally invented so a group of people can sit together to solve an important issue at work, come up with new ideas, follow up on things or discuss an important subject. Meetings should be your everyday routine, especially if you work in a corporate company. They are now being held for all the important and unimportant reasons. People now call for and attend meetings more than they actually do their jobs or implement what has been agreed to in previous meetings. Since most meetings have become useless, useless thoughts cross our minds during them as well.


#When will this meeting end

You can’t help but think when this nightmare is going to end. You always feel like the time is passing soooooo slowly.

#How to keep yourself up

As soon as you realize that the meeting is just getting started and that you have a long way to go, you start feeling as sleepy as ever and start thinking of creative ideas to keep yourself awake.

#Why was it held in the first place

What’s the point of all this. Seriously, this is pointless. It could be done over the phone or even not at all.

#Coffee break!

When’s the coffee break coming up, and will it have my favorite crème brule? I need coffee now too.


#Your to-do-list

You keep thinking about your to-do-list that has actual important tasks that haven’t been completed because of your presence in this meeting.

#Remembering someone’s name

Happens to all of us that sometimes we attend a meeting and in the middle of all the action, you realize that you have no clue what’s the name of this person you’re talking to.

#What if the camera is on or I’m not pressing mute

This only goes for telephone conferences where you’re an inactive participant.


Of course these thoughts do not apply to all meetings, and definitely there are a lot of meaningful meetings with higher purpose.