Are you one of the few Egyptian girls who have been bitten or as I like to call it “blessed” by the travel bug? It’s such a blessing, isn’t it? The feeling you get when you’re on one of your trips? The blissful feeling of freedom that you only experience while you’re far-far away from home? It still comes with some downfalls though, doesn’t it? Not everyone that you meet understands your journey, do they? Well, we feel you gal pal, and we hereby present you with 7 thing we, before you, are tired of hearing as Egyptian girl travelers!

1. What do you even do there?

I don’t know. Discover new places? Get to know different cultures, and engage in smart conversations with people who come from a different background than the one I was born and raised into?

2. Have you seen the movie ‘Taken’?

For God’s sake, it’s just a movie! Get over it already. Not every girl who crosses the borders of her own country is bound to get abducted and raped. It just does NOT happen. Believing that will happen reflects back on your ignorance, not mine.

3. I bet you party real hard and drink every night 

Sure, because this is every traveler’s dream to go to a pub or club and party 🙂 No actually while I like doing that every now and then just like any other normal person in the world, I am usually more interested in roaming the streets aimlessly and trying each country’s local foods.

4. Out of all the countries you could travel to, you chose Somalia!

I sure did. What’s wrong with Somalia? Every traveler knows that each country has its own authenticity and landmarks. I plan on visiting every country there is in this whole wide world. Somalia is surely one of them.

5. Don’t you get lonely

Not really. In fact I get stronger and more independent. I see things that nobody else sees. I experience real life while you are sitting there on your couch unaware of what’s going on in this big vast world. I am never lonely. I have friends all around the globe. I have families to host me in more than 30 countries? How is that lonely?

6. How are you going to find the person you’ll marry if you’re always between places? 

Trust me when I tell you that marriage and settling down are the least of my priorities right now. It’s not something that would stop me from getting out there and seeing the real world, and FYI if my lifetime partner doesn’t get the importance of traveling and going here and there, then we were never going to work out anyway!

7. I don’t understand how your parents allow you to travel by yourself

You speak of traveling as if it’s one of the seven deadly sins, when in fact it’s one of the most liberating things in the world. My parents know that one can’t learn much about life without traveling, so they let me go out there in the real word and get the best education there is.

So what do you think young travelers, did we get it right?