Looking back to when everything was appealing and stimulating, we realize there were things we fell head over heels for that don’t exist anymore! Let it be a trend, a yummy treat or even an accessory. The reason why we’ve got you covered with this nostalgic list!

Cadbury SMS 

This Cadbury edition we just can’t get over until this very moment! Not only because it tasted like good days, but we used them to send messages as well!

Silly Bands

Who didn’t brag about having the coolest silly bands collection with flashy colors?

Old Skool Vans

Nothing was better than showing up with those babes! Embracing the chess look.


Admit it! You definitely had “Hamada was here and he loves you” as your bio at least once…and it’s true we miss it!


You probably had your room bombarded by various Teenstuff posters of your favorite celebrities. This magazine had always been there for young readers, giving us chaste tips to follow our budding dreams!

Chipsy wara2 3enab

Although it tasted like you’re eating grass from the backyard garden, yet we all wonder why they stopped selling it!

Ice watches 

Undoubtedly, wearing these radiant babes was the ultimate peak of being a la mode!


Whether we liked them or not! Our attachment to those things is still questionable and under investigation!