It’s so weird how love works. You start to like someone, automatically you begin to hide your true self from them, because hey, everyone around you says that there are rules. You can’t show you like her so much… Don’t say I love you first… You shouldn’t text whenever you want toThere are guidelines! The fun part is, when you advance and really fall for someone, the spell rebounds. All the walls you built to hide behind start to fall one by one, and you bare your true self to this person. That’s love, folks.

So perk up your ears guys, if a girl really loves you watch out for these 7 signs: 

Sign #1 She Lowers Her Guards 

You must value this one, guys. Girls have guards by nature. As high as the Eiffel tower, because we live in an ugly world. We are used to not trust easily, to not give freely, to always keep an eye on the door. But when we fall in love, things change, and carefully we let down our guards, and feel safe.

Sign #2 Your Life Becomes Part of Hers 

She makes space for you. She invites you into her life, and steps into yours. When a girl is in love, entwining your two worlds together until they become one is her way of showing love. Of showing that you belong together.

Sign #3 She Can Relax Her Beauty Routine Around You 

When she no longer feels the urge to try to always look perfect in front of you, and sometimes she can look a bit messy. She can skip wearing make up, put on her brother’s jumper…don’t take it as a bad sign, my friend. It’s a sign that she is comfortable and at ease around you. If she is relaxing her beauty routine, she is feeling relaxed around you, which is always a good sign.

Sign #4 She Is No Longer Shy When It Comes To You

Someone smart once said that the first sign that a guy really likes a girl is him getting shy around her (unlike his nature), and the first sign that a girl really likes a guy is her letting go of her shyness (unlike her nature). So when she is bold, she opening a door for you, pal.

Sign #5 She Will Agree To Activities She Is Not Really Into…For You 

Well, loving someone doesn’t mean you have to love what they love! But girls are known for being emotionally generous. When she notices how much you love Cristiano Ronaldo, she will make time to watch him, and soon you will find her dancing next to you when Real Madrid beats Barcelona!! The things girls do for love.

Sign #6 She Tells You Her Secrets Without Shame 

The fear of being judged, and what it can do to us! But luckily trust can cure the mess this fear causes. When she tells you about something that she’s been ashamed of, it’s proof that she trusts that you’re close enough to not turn around and leave. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is then.

Sign #7 She Will Take Anything For You 

Your mom not liking her, her dad thinking you two aren’t right for each other, you not having the perfect job to start a life with her…And the list is long, very long, when it comes to what she will take to be with you, if she really loves you. In a nutshell, no matter how hard it gets, she will choose you every time.

So, has your girl shown any of these signs?