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7 Things We All Go Think, Do and Feel When We Gain Those Extra KGs

It’s summer again and many people can’t help but think of those extra pounds they’ve gained. Don’t worry, it is not just you, because most people are victims of winter. All that winter does to humans is help them gain weight without even noticing. And this is the ugly truth, but you shouldn’t worry about those extra pounds, because you are beautiful either way.

Here are some of the funny yet vicious things we go through because of the devious winter season.

1#1: Start jumping when wearing our pants

The ABCs of gaining weight is trying on some old pants and struggling a lot to get those thighs in smoothly. Of course, we challenge ourselves to get in this pair or else we cry ourselves to sleep so we practice the get-in-our-jeans dance that starts with jumping.

2#2: Those jeans are just extra tight because they were newly washed

In order to convince ourselves that we didn’t gain a single kilo, we just give ourselves this excuse of having our jeans freshly washed that is why they just shrunk and are a little bit tighter than usual.

Well, we all know that this is a big fat lie.

3#3: Looking at our kersh all the time

Our kersh is our new best friend, it’s like we check on it all day long. If we are alone we give it a look, if we are passing by a mirror, oh well, we are checking it out too. And we sometimes even give it a name or two, like Ezz.

4#4: Using our kersh as a table for food and drinks


Adding on to the previous point, our kersh acts as our life savior at times. Unlike other people, we don’t need a table, because our food can rest on our kersh especially when we are binge-watching a movie.

5#5: Can someone put us on the stand to replace shawarma?

All we need is this knife to shred a couple of fat layers and we will be as hot as shawarma, if not even more. Don’t lie and say that this thought has never crossed your mind.

6#6: We need to start dieting *Continues to eat Large Big Mac Combo *

This is when we start admitting that we gained a couple of KGs. So we start convincing ourselves that we need to start dieting. Of course, saying it out loud while eating our combo large meal with Diet Coke is us being on the right track. Or do you want us to actually drop the sandwich?

7#7: Maybe if I just ‘Ashfot Batni’ a little there wouldn’t be a kersh

This is us still in denial because if we do this, nothing will ever change. The kersh will still be there, just a little bit undercover.

8#8: Can people see my kalabeez or is it just me?

This is when the devil in our brains starts sharing his thoughts with us wondering whether people see our kalabeez from underneath those layers or not. Well, don’t worry, our kalabeez are safe.

These are just some funny thoughts that come across many people when they gain a couple of KGs. But on a serious note, don’t ever let those extra pounds affect you in any way possible. Gaining weight is totally normal, stop caring what people think about you or how they see you. Just love yourself with all its extra KGs.