Prying and invading personal space are well renowned  Egyptians qualities. As soon as people realise you have foreign roots; that one of your parents is not Egyptian, they start bombarding you with too many annoyingly ridiculous questions. They become too eager and curious, borderline nosy, to hear all about how your folks met. What are some of the most common things you usually hear? Here are some of the usual questions and statements people say when they find out you’re half-Egyptian:


“Eh elli gabhom hena?”


ALWAYS the first question, why do they live here? Why don’t they live back in their hometown? What brought them here? Why don’t they go back? TOO MANY QUESTIONS. JUST STOP!


“AKEED bete3rafy tetbokhi”

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Just because my mom or dad are not Egyptian and are probably from a country that’s famous for its delicious cuisine, does not have to mean that I can cook. Most probably, the parents themselves can’t cook their traditional dishes!


So, you can speak a second language?! Tell me something in your language.


“2olli hi 3amel eh bel logha beta3tko”

Trust me, we don’t necessarily have to speak their language. Sometimes, our foreign parent knows how to speak Arabic and they’re just too reluctant to teach us their mother tongue, which sucks for us!


“Akeed mama 7elwa or akeed baba mozz, wareehomli!”


Ana momken akhaleek tewareeni mama w baba 3shan a3raf homa mozaz wala la2? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!


Which leads to “Enti leh msh melawena?!”


Because not all foreigners are MELAWENEEN! Just because both my parents are blonde doesn’t necessarily mean I have be blonde too. I can still be a brunette; it’s called GENES!


“Eh da, ya3ni ma3aki basbour (Passport)?!”

What do you think? OF COURSE, I DO. I was granted the citizenship the minute I was born.


Which leads to “etgawezeeni w edeeni el genseya.”


Are you serious?! I hope you’re not.