Men are very simple creatures; they usually say the truth but with a different approach just to make it sound more acceptable. We call it ‘sugarcoating’. Despite their innocent manipulative ways, their ultimate goal is to avoid any drama.

Ma heya betkoon 7aga men el etnen: either he’s known you for years w msh ader 3ala 7ewarat, or you’ve just started dating w howa msh 3ayez yegra7ek.

1. “El moshkla msh 3andek el moshkela 3andi”

El mawdoo3 hena basseet. Just don’t overthink things and think that you messed up someway or another. El wa7ed 3ayez yemshi b shyaka. He is probably already seeing someone else and unfortunately it looks like you lost the competition.

2. “You’re very pretty, it amazes me that you’re still single” 

Ow3y teftekry eno beygamlek! This is not just any compliment ladies. This man is screaming insecurity. If he feels intimidated by you then all kinds of thoughts can run into his head, because why would someone like you be looking at someone like him? You must either be crazy or something is definitely wrong with you. El wa7ed bardo msh damen.

3. “Ana w heya best friends men so3’rena”

What he means is that you will probably witness a lot of things like friendly flirting, hugging, inside jokes…etc. Bas mate2la2eesh, homa best friends.

4. “My Ex was fun and spontaneous”

He has a type and he’s telling you that the bar has been raised, you better up to his standard. But side note- enta betkareny?

5. “Bahazar tab3an ya habibti”

Damage control! This is probably universal for both genders, but it is particularly accurate with men. This is the quickest escape mechanism for something that wasn’t meant to sound bad. Like… ana mela7ez enek betakly keteer el yomen dol or baheb shaklek awi bel make up…. I’m sorry…what?

6. “I’m happy just the way I am, no commitments”

He really doesn’t want a serious relationship right now. If you agree to the relationship but are planning to change his way of thinking, tough luck my friend. That’s never going to be something he wants 3’er law enty Hend Rostom with hypnotizing abilities. And that’s never going to be the case 😉

7. “How do you know him?”

Howa beykoon lee nazra, either he thinks this guy is obnoxious or he’s worried about your standards. Howa enty ass7abek kolohom kda? You get the drill.

Understanding man-language can be a struggle, but you have to be smart enough to decode his motives. Remember we are all human after all 😉 Outsmart your man and don’t take everything too personally.