us love

This is for all the men out there who don’t know what they do to get the girl. We know we’re complicated beings, but honestly, we’re so sweet. We can give you the world if you show us that you’re going to be in it. Here are a few things to show you what you do that makes us love you.

When you make us laugh


Girls are suckers for humor. We love it when you say something funny, or when you tell us a bad joke. Chances are, it’s really bad, but we laugh at how bad it is anyway.

When you show us you tried

If it’s trying to bake us cupcakes, or trying to come see us when you absolutely can’t, it matters. It’s so important for us to feel like you’re getting out of your way for us, even if you absolutely can’t. The fact that you’ve tried is more than enough.

When you take our opinions

Although many men find comfort in their female friends or family members, taking your loved one’s opinion means the world to her. When showing her that her insight is significant, she feels like she’s significant. That really is the essence of many relationships. If it’s as stupid as our opinion on a shirt, or as huge as a decision you have to make at work, just because you asked you make us love you.

When you’re always there

We don’t ask you to be over our heads 24/7, please. But, be there. Ask about us, about our family, about our day, we’ll ask too. Make us feel that you won’t quit on us, that you care about what happens during our day, and most importantly, that you care about us.

When you’re cute

Don’t get us wrong. Being cute is not buying gifts all time, or being too sweet. Be cute by surprising us, getting us our favorite candy, taking us to our favorite places. And finally, give us genuine little comments about how nice we look.

When you listen

Girls love it when a boy listens. It is very crucial for us to know you’re truly listening to what we’re saying. We know you’re listening from the look on your face and from your reaction. Listening is a key factor for a relationship or even friendship to work out.

When you be yourself

Please don’t be fake with us. We understand that you try to impress us and we love it. But, there is a fine line between being something that you’re not and trying to impress us so please see it. Be yourself around us; we appreciate it and it makes us want to be ourselves around you too.

Girls are fools for boys who do at least half of these things. We’ve given you the tips, now go get her!