Generalization when it comes to anything isn’t substantial or very enlightening. Nobody likes to be categorized just because they belong to a certain criteria, which they didn’t even choose. Men were born as men and women were born as women but no man, just like no woman, wants to turn into a gender stereotype because of that cosmic fate. So, next time you are about to make a comment that piles all men under a single characteristic, think again. Here are some of the most common stereotypes women believe to be true about men and that men would want to set straight.

1- Men are emotional beings too

For centuries, people have passing on the “information” that men aren’t emotional. For centuries, people have passing on false information. Men are human beings; they aren’t robots that were created to eat, drink, have sex and sleep then resume all the next day. Sure, some guys are egocentric or douchebags, just like there are women who are the furthest thing from being emotional. So if a man is stoic or quiet, it doesn’t mean that he lacks feelings. It just means he’d rather not talk about how he’s feeling all the time; maybe it takes him time to gather his thoughts. So instead of asking him “what’s wrong?”, go and do something fun. The rush of spending quality time together will instigate the conversation you were looking for.

2- Not all men are afraid of commitment

Because even Barney Stinson was ready to settle down at some point

Let’s face it. During our 20s, we all feel like we’re not ready to be pinned down yet. For as long as we feel immature, we don’t yet feel the need to commit so it’s not a “guy’s” thing, it’s an age thing. Some reach that stage faster than others while some aren’t meant for commitment, men and women alike. But the majority of men wouldn’t like to remain single for the rest of their lives. However, relationships often impinge on self-fulfillment, so it’s natural to make anyone nervous that they’re missing out on something if they fully commit to something else. A USA Study revealed that 66 percent of men believed that getting married is better than remaining single forever!

3- Men don’t like shallow girls and they appreciate sense of humor

Playing dumb is a major turnoff to any guy (or woman for that matter), and it isn’t “cute”. Men prefer women who flex their mental muscles and can think logically. Don’t put on the act of a clueless girl just to seem like a damsel in distress, because it isn’t sexy. He will also question your intelligence if you don’t pick your battles and usually fight over pointless things. And if you can make him laugh, he will swoon at your sharp edged wit. It’s always a welcoming shock for a guy to find a girl who can genuinely make him laugh.

4- Men don’t like it if you don’t have a life/personality of your own

If all of your opinions are his or borrowed, a guy will lose interest quickly. Incomplete indecision is an unattractive look on everyone; ask anyone and they’d tell you that it’s a really annoying quality. The simplest reason why it’s annoying? Because sometimes you don’t want to be in charge, sometimes you just want someone else to make the smallest decision of where to eat tonight or where to hang out. Don’t just go along with everything he says because you want him to be comfortable. Guys actually like it when you banter and have arguments about your different opinions.

5- Men don’t treat their guy friends the same way girlfriends treat each other

Men don’t usually confide in their friends in the same way girls do. So if they tell you a secret, don’t share it with your best friend because you have this unspoken rule that “I won’t tell anyone” translates to “I won’t tell anyone except my best friend”. This is just you violating his privacy. If a guy tells you a secret, it’s a sign of trust so earn it.

6- Men like to be complemented

You know the quote “if you are humble, nothing will touch you, neither praise nor disgrace, because you know what you are”? Well, it most certainly is true, but we all need praise from time to time, even if we’re humble. Men, like women, enjoy it when they’re told that they smell nice or look good in these jeans. It doesn’t even have to be words. Squeezing their biceps, touching them on the shoulder and lingering stares are all a form of compliments that men appreciate and actually also expect from you. They may act all secure and as if they know exactly how good they are, but this is just an outer shell. Never forget that they need compliments too!

7- Men like confident women

Happy girls are the prettiest! That’s a fact. How does a girl get happy? She becomes confident and trusts herself! And that’s what a man wants in a girl. He wants a girl who is self-assured and not clouded by self-doubt and insecurity. We all have our low moments and that’s completely normal, because too much of anything isn’t good. But no man will see his future wife in a woman who breaks down easily and let the small stuff get to her or a woman who diminishes her value. Men who seek out insecure women only do that because they know they can manipulate and control them to get what they want.