With France’s President François Hollande’s visit to Cairo today, there might be some items up for sale! So here’s a list we’ve worked up of possible things that we thought could be of interest to François!

1- Boula2 Dakrour

Originally named “Beau Lac Du Caire” French for “Beautiful lake of Cairo”. This area of downtown could be a great sale for the French. I mean, it’s not really that beautiful but it could definitely be an interesting reclamation project. At least they’ll give it a facelift.417

2- Gamasa

This beach in the area of Mansoura actually comes with a funny story. During Napoleon’s visit to the area, he said the phrase “J’aime ça!”, French for “I love this”. And since Napoleon has already laid claim on it there’s no reason we shouldn’t give this place to the French. They REALLLLLY need to to claim it, maybe we’ll see a comeback to the bikinis!جمصة

3- The Rights to Koshary

This signature Egyptian dish is actually labelled so because of its original french name “Couche de Riz” which means “Layer of rice”. We’re pretty sure French cuisine needs a face lift with all the frogs legs and escargot they’re serving. But this one comes with a huge price tag!maxresdefault

4- The Sphinx

Another item that Napoleon has laid claim on is our Sphinx. Ever since he broke off it’s nose during the French occupation it’s been a property of the French. We’re just lucky they let us keep him for this long! article-2626336-1DC6F7BF00000578-812_634x452

5- The Rights to Beleela

This beloved sweet dish also holds a name of French origin “ble et lait”. We think this will sell quick, the French might have eyes for this dish; it’s delicious! 5707118fa5dd1a8a785a307922ab3741

6- Down-town Cairo

Many have drawn similarities between Paris and Downtown, it’s basically fashioned after the French city. To minimize the confusion between us and them, we decided we’d do the kind hearted thing and donate this part of Cairo! Especially after we renovated it.وسط-البلد

7- This Pastry Package Pour Vous!

As a special favor to François we’re willing to put up the following French named stores for sale: La Poire, Salé-Sucré and we’ll even put Alain Le-Nôtre (Our Alain) in the package! And we’ll rename it to Alain Le Votre (Your Alain) Fo2 el bey3a!FotorCreated

What else do you think might make a great sale? We’re pretty sure the French invasion laid claim on a whole set of other items too, but if they decide to take anything else we’ll take our obelisk in Place de La Concorde back! Mesh Masr elii yet3mel 3aleha el kalam dah ya François! Place_de_la_Concorde_Paris_02