It has been 28 years since Egypt has last made it to the World Cup, and we can’t be any happier. But what better way to celebrate this achievement than have a special edition collectible to help preserve such a memory? Nothing!

Lucky us, BTC invested a lot of time and effort to bring to the market a limited special edition World Cup themed gold/silver coins and ounces. We are definitely in love with them, and here is why.

#1: They Look So Beautiful

Whether we are talking about the ounces or the coins, they all look so beautiful. The details on each are just too good to be true. Not to mention the meaning it holds makes it 10 times more beautiful

#2: You’ve Got Lots and Lots of Options

What’s great about this is the fact that you have lots of variety. You can buy it in gold or silver, depending on what you like best. You can also choose between 2 different sizes, the coin and the ounce

#3: It is Considered Budget Friendly

You don’t need to spend a fortune for this special collectible as prices start from 200 LE per coin. One can’t deny the fact that the gold one looks great, but so does the silver!

#4: Considered an Investment

If you want to invest your money in something that has a great value, then this is one of your options. The gold coins and ounces have the same characteristics as the ones that are sold in the market with just one minor difference; being a special edition celebrating the World Cup.

#5: A Cool Birthday Gift

If your friends are lucky enough to have their birthday during the World Cup season, then you’ve got yourself a really cool gift. You’ll save yourself the misery of brainstorming for hours or even days and your friend will definitely love it. You’ll thank us later.

#6: The Perfect Corporate Giveaway

Honestly speaking, this would make the greatest giveaway given that we haven’t been to the World Cup for 28 years. Every employee will jump with excitement when they receive a coin of these. A souvenir that will always be remembered and cherished.

#7: It Will Be A Living Memory of Reaching the World Cup

You never know we might even win matches and exceed all expectations, and then you’ll be so grateful to have bought such a collectible. This coin will be the living memory of such an achievement. God knows when we’ll be able to qualify for the World Cup again!

Don’t think twice before investing in such coins, and remember that the quantity is limited!