Every now and then, we like to tease our audience with a fun siko siko topic. I was scrolling through 9GAG and came across a photo that had the title of this article as its caption. I kept coming up with hilarious statements that were truly appropriate for both occasions! It’s funny though how one can verbally come up with the same words when going through two completely different occasions. Both situations include an overflow of emotions, or so we thought! Make sure your son or nephew 7amada is busy with his coloring and get your film thaqafy groove on!

1 – “Kan lesa wa2ef ma3aya embare7”

Howa eih da? We’re talking about a dead person here. Respect people!

2 – “Let’s start digging/That’s deep enough!”

To bury a coffin, you need to dig in the ground which can be a hectic process. Once you reach a certain level, you’re good to go to start burying the coffin if you get what I mean!

3 – “Can you pass the tissues”

To wipe out those sad tears; everyone cries at a point or another!

4 – “I’m glad you came”

You have to be polite they say, and at the end of the occasion, you have to thank the people who came to console you and be grateful for such a caring act. One day you’ll have to pay them back!

5 – “It may hurt at the beginning, but you’ll get used to it!”

Like everything else, the pain will be unbearable right at the start and you won’t easily absorb the whole thing. We mean the loss of course, but they say time heals everything!

6 – “I Know it’s hard”

People feel better when you communicate feelings and share things with them, so giving them expectations or rather a hint that you feel for them and sympathize would help them tolerate that tough hard ride!

7 – “Stay safe”

You know what they say, safety before all. You can’t just leave without giving the safety gesture. Unless you do give the safety gesture, we don’t really guarantee that you can ever leave after all, the funeral of course!

Now that we’re done sharing our weird thoughts, I expect a lot of heat in the comments section of this article. We hope you understand that all the above only points at similarities between funerals and sex. We’re sure you know what our intentions are. They’re simply a good laugh w 7abet siko siko besara7a!