Kinan, Ritan and their father, the Saudi family that are rocking the internet, are going viral with their daily snaps. So after watching their stories over and over again, we actually discovered that they’re quite relatable! 

1. Ritan and her “shakshaka” is all of us when our jam plays

2. You at work Vs. you at parties

 3. When they ask you to describe your crush

4. When a certain song is stuck in your head and you just can’t stop singing it over and over again


 5. That’s definitely how a heartbreak feels like


6. We all want to send this message to our professors as midterms get closer


7. When you go on a ride with a friend that can’t drive Ritan


It’s ironic how you will always relate to little kids, no matter how old you are! But we will not let that distract us from joining everyone else in urging Ritan to remember bringing her bag and bottle back home.