Sabe3 Gar

We all know that the Egyptian mum is a bit ‘Ovar‘ (Sorry mum for this, I love you) and a lot ‘bo2‘. In Sabe3 Gar, Dalal Abdelaziz portrayed this version of Egyptian mums perfectly and no one can ever deny that. I wonder whether she does this with Emy and Donia.

Here are 6 times Dalal was technically copying all our mums combined:

#1: I Would Never Break My Mum’s Words

It’s amazing how all our mums were always obedient. If that was the case then why did grandma tell me all about your drama when you were just a kid?

#2: My Kids Suck

If we all suck, then who rocks? I’m starting to think that you, mums, are not grateful enough. Don’t you see the blessing of having us as your kids?

#3: Just Follow My Words

Okay, we’ll all say ‘hader‘, but where is the fun in that? Life would be so boring if we weren’t ‘lemdeen‘ one way of the other. You wouldn’t love us this much if we were so obedient.

#4: I Will Leave the House

You’re probably high on drama pills because we all know that you will never leave the house. You are just looking for some attention from your kids! But on a side note, you know quite well that we can’t live without you mum.

#5: Come Help Me With the Cooking

Especially if you are a girl, you’d hear these words a lot, accompanied by ‘How will you get married if you can’t even cook?’ Why is it a prerequisite for marriage? Why can’t he cook?

#6: Come Help Me With the House Chores

That is even worse because it is not just limited to cooking. We obviously love you mum, but why do we have to do any house chores right before the maid comes? And why do we need to wash the curtains every month when no one even visits us?

#7: Will You Sleep All Day Long?

Honestly, this is a very weird question. Why do you need me to wake up? I don’t even understand the logic behind this question. Just let us sleep in peace.

If your mum doesn’t say any of these, then is she really an Egyptian mum?