driving in the rain

It’s raining, and as much as we – and by we I mean I – love the rain and these soothing vibes in the air, it does have its downside and risks.

Rain makes the roads slippery and the vision blurry which makes driving extremely dangerous. According to the World Health OrganizationEgypt loses about 12,000 lives due to road traffic crashes every year.

However, taking a “rainy-day” off from work hasn’t been added to the labor law yet. So it is not easy to just avoid driving in the rain altogether.

So since you must drive in the rain, here are some things you can do to stay safe:

1. Beware of the pre-rain dryness

If it rains after it has been extra dry like today, the roads get extra slippery. Because that’s when oil, dust, and grease build up on the road and once it rains, they get mixed together creating very slippery conditions.

2. Take caution when driving next to large vehicles

Large vehicles such as tractors, buses and trucks are more exposed to high winds and their drivers have difficulties staying in their lanes. So while driving, make sure to keep extra distance between you and any large vehicle.

3. Keep your lights ON!

It gets extra gloomy during days like these, and with the rain pouring down windshields, the best drivers’ visions get compromised even in daylight. So make sure to keep your headlights and tail lights on to help other vehicles see you.

4. Avoid highways

Usually, we prefer to run for the highways to avoid heavy traffic in the city streets. However, during the rain, you are better off getting stuck in traffic than taking the highway. Because if the traffic is slow, the risk of losing control of the car on slippery roads is lower.

5. Take cover in buildings

Another downside to driving on the highway is being extremely exposed to strong wind. Because the buildings inside the city make for a safety shield against strong winds, it becomes easier for you to keep your car in the lane.

6. Do NOT park under trees

If it gets too windy out and your car is parked under a tree, there is a very high chance of branch falling on the roof of your car. Although this is not a “fatal risk” per se, the costs of repairing the damages of a tree branch crashing onto your car roof will be fatal to your savings.

7. Stick to the middle lane

Try as much as you can to stay close to the middle of the road, and avoid the side lanes. This is safer because you will be able to avoid road hazards such as the large puddles that form on the side of the roads. Also, cars on both your sides help keep your car grounded and in control.

These are only a few tips to help you stay safe while driving in the rain. The most important thing is to respect the great risks of driving in this weather and not take it lightly.

It doesn’t matter how good of a driver you are or if you are in a hurry, it is better safe than sorry, so be extra careful out there!