When it comes to the day of love, people often get divided into two hostile opposite camps: the mushy slushy love-dovey squad and the distinguished repulsive propulsive camp. In order to peacefully coexist on the 14th of February without any human losses, here’s a list of 7 things to avoid doing:

1. Stop the Fun-killing

Whether in a relationship or single, many people start nagging about how they hate Valentine’s Day, and never fail to show it on every possible social media network. Here’s a tip: why don’t you deal with the day like any other day of the year and stop mocking people who celebrate it. Stop being bitter fun-killers.

2. Stop the V-day Obsession

Seizing the day to brag on social media about having the best relationship and finding your life partner is just silly. It probably only means that you’re unhappy and trying hard to convince yourself before others with quite the opposite. It’s more necessary to show your love and appreciation to your SO in real life and not only in the virtual world.

3. Stop the Grumpiness

You’re single on the day of love, guess what? It is just like any other Wednesday you are single on. No need to bring out the self-pity attitude and complain about how you’ll never find love. And also remember, being single is much better than being in a bad relationship, so don’t even think about calling back your ex. You broke-up for a reason.

4. Quit the Extravagance Manifestation

When you ditch the cute sweet chocolates and flowers for exaggerated gifts, your date will definitely feel extremely uneasy and uncomfortable. Keep it simple. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone; it’s only Valentine’s Day. Save that rich kid attitude for birthdays and anniversaries!

5. Stop the Visual Pollution

It’s not that I’m against enjoying the day or anything, but seriously guys! It’s too red, it hurts our eyes. And unless you’re 13 years old, you can still celebrate the day without red clothes, red teddy bears and red hearts. Get over it and act normal already.

6. Never Propose

If you’re planning to propose to your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, please ABORT MISSION! It’s a day where every single couple in every single country celebrate their love. This is not romantic. It’s absurd, banal and Cliché. Wouldn’t you really prefer to be more creative and have your own special unique day that only both of you celebrate?!

7. Or Worse Break-up

Seriously there is nothing to talk about here! Whatever reasons you may have, it is just despicably mean to choose that day to break up with someone. Do it on the 15th, an extra day won’t kill you anyway.

And finally, we all need to be reminded that love is about so much more than Valentine’s Day. True love is never affected by the calendar; it doesn’t increase or decrease based on the day. Celebrators need to stop giving it more importance than the rest of the year, while non-celebrators have to stop ruining the day for others.