“As we go on, we remember all the times we had together. And as our plans change from whatever, we will still be friends forever…” laa llaa lalaa la la… Oh these songs can be sang for any type of friendship but especially the old ones.

Well as we go about our lives we meet people, some stick around, some don’t. And as we always say people come and go. Here’s the thing; there are types of friends that you just have to meet.

1. Mom’s Friend’s son

That’s probably the first friend you ever had. You still know them until this day; you might or might not be too close. However, he is there in every occasion whether both of you like it or not. Micho lazem yigi ma3 tante Manolly.

2. Old is Gold

Your school friends that you spent 12 years or a little less at. Those are the bunch that no matter how far you dwell, you always find your way back to each other. You don’t have to be bestfriends, but oh do you know so much about each other.

3. The New School Friends

Well if you were to go to a new school, you are, of course, considered as an intruder and a threat. If you are lucky enough you might meet the best friends that will continue with you the rest of your life. Those who will not be your best friends; however, you might not even know them longer than a year after graduation.

4. The one who considers you their best friend

At some point, that might come several times, you will meet this one person who considers you their best friend… but you don’t! They will tell you everything about their life and relationship problems. Most likely this person will be there whenever you need someone to listen. I mean c’mon you always pretended to listen when they talked; it’s only fair.

5. The one you consider a best friend

You will meet someone where you wouldn’t know where you stand with them. Are you their best friend? Are they yours? Does he like you? Do you like him? Fi este3bat? And you will never know. Just let them go!

6. The only-for-the-trip friend

You will go on trips with this friend or maybe just one trip. You get really close during the trip and then you don’t know anything about each other until the next trip.

7. The ones who are no longer friends but so7ab beit

Those are the ones who you consider family even though there is no blood relation whatsoever. You might have known them for only a couple of months or years, but they became like your sisters/brothers. It might reach a state where you basically don’t know your clothes from each others’ now because you’ve exchanged clothes way too many times to remember. You will wake up to find them home. And sleep at their place uninvited but certainly welcomed. Those are the best type.

People come and go and certainly there are people we wish we could hold dearly till forever and ever. But as you live and go by, enjoy the thrill of meeting new people and making new friends.