Easier said than done, we know. Yet, there are several easy ways to maintain your body shape during the holy month. Of course, you could try losing some weight, but it is always easier to maintain, and lose after.

1. Start Your Iftar with a Sugary Treat

Take this into your advantage. Break your fast with a date, a cookie, or even one piece of Qatayef or juice to get the right intake of sugar your body needs. Don’t go overboard though.

2. After the Sugar, Wait 20 Minutes

After you’ve had your treat, give it 20 minutes and begin eating. Take the 20 minutes to stock up your plate, bring the food to the table, pray etc. Giving yourself time enhances the metabolic system.

3. Start with Salads or Soups

Fill in your stomach with salads or soups to ensure a fuller stomach, on healthy choices, and low calories.

4. Wait for 2 Hours Before Dessert

After you’ve had your meal, digest it, then choose your dessert. Give your body a chance to digest the food it has just taken in, then fill it back up with the dessert of your choice.

5. Try Metabolism Enhancing Drinks

After you’ve eaten, make yourself a hot cup of green tea, ginger peppermint and lemon or cinnamon with honey and lemon. Make sure to include one in your Suhoor as well to start the burning process while you sleep.

6. Depend Heavily on Fruits and Veggies

It is hard to ask us to replace dessert with fresh fruit however, let’s keep the option on the table. Try to get as many fibers as you can, especially for Suhoor. Opt for cucumbers and salads to fill you up at night.

7. Focus on Proteins

For Iftar and Suhoor focus on protein to keep you steady. For Suhoor take as much as you want in the protein section. Try it out with eggs, yogurt, ful, and dairy.

The festive month of Ramadan can be difficult to maintain your strength and body shape. Follow these tips and we’re positive you’ll be ok!