The friendzone is a terrible place to be in if you’ve ever been interested in someone. It’s not easy to get out of. And while our initial advice would be to just move on, there are ways to get yourself out of the friendzone so that you’re not perpetually stuck there forever. But a word of caution! These methods might work in your favor or might not. It’s all up to you!

1-  Be desirable

Show them that you’re wanted by others. If a lot of people want to be around you and want to spend time with you, it will make them want you as a result. They will want to be part of your life as well, especially since you used to give them a lot of your attention.

2-  Be cool as a cucumber

Don’t be overbearing with your feelings towards them. At the end of the day, keeping a cool head will allow them to see you in a different light and will make them realise there’s more to you than the way you feel about them.

3- Avoid being their shoulder to cry on

Once they start complaining to you about their crush, you’ve officially entered friendzone territory! The best way is to avoid these conversations at all costs so that there is no way they could consider you as a friend.

4- Play the game! 

Playing hard to get, playing coy and being flirtatious are all part of this “game”. You have to play your cards right and then you’ll eventually be considered less like a friend and more like a love interest.

5- Don’t be available ALL the time

You don’t want to be at their beck and call whenever they ask for you. You need to show them that you are autonomous to them and that you aren’t always readily available and in waiting for them. This might sound like we’re asking you to be obnoxious, but we’re just telling you to give them time for them to want you and your company or at least sorely miss it!

6- Make their friends like you!

Befriending their friends is also a favored tactic. If you can get their friends to see how well you both work together, they’ll basically change the person’s perspective of you. If they like you, they will definitely make sure to point out your merits!

7- Appearance matters

If you’re going to go see them, don’t dress up as you would if you were just meeting a friend. If they’re your crush, the way you dress should be indicative of that. It will make all the difference.

At the end of the day, there’s no sure fire trick to get you out of the friendzone. But if you’re not ready to move on just yet, follow these tips!