Fashion Trends

Just when you thought you have seen all the weird fashion trends, you find yourself face to face with something weirder than your weirdest dreams.

Recently, we stumbled upon a fashion trend that seems to be on its way to being the next big thing in fashion. Meet the Asymmetrical Jeans. 

Fashion Trends

Ukraninan fashion brand Ksenia Schnaider has recently revealed their latest fashion inventions, the asymmetric jeans which combine a fitted tight leg and wide leg in one pant.

Because apparently, it is too hard to decide on one style of pants to wear so why not wear two!

We can’t say that we will be trying them anytime soon, but these pants made us go on a little stroll down weird fashion land. And because we are suckers for weird stuff and suckers for fashion, we have compiled for you a list of the weirdest fashion trends we could find, enjoy!

1. Mesh Asymmetrical Jeans

Just when we thought nothing could top the Asymmetrical Jeans, someone proved us all wrong.

Meet the Mesh Asymmetrical Jeans which feature an asymmetrical fold along the fly and a tan mesh panel down the full length of one side.

Fashion Trends


2. The One-legged Jeans

Another denim-based invention is the one-legged jeans. Because apparently, two-legged pants are too conservative.

Fashion Trends

The question here though, do we call it pants or pant? 

3. The Cage Trousers

If you are a fashion guru, then I am sure you know that Fashion Nova is one of the most daring fashion brands right now. However, this one is too daring even for Fashion Nova daring. Brace yourself, it is the Cage Trousers. 

Fashion Trends

No, this doesn’t look familiar. 

4. Meat Knee Patches

Why eat meat when you can just wear it?

Fashion Trends

How would you like your pants, well done or medium rare? 

5. Mud-splattered Jeans and Jackets

Because laundry is too much work, someone decided to embrace the “the dirty look” a bit too much and turned it into “the muddy look”.

Fashion Trends

Because why wash your clothes when you can accessorize with some mud?

Fashion Trends

I personally like my outfits extra dirty… uh …I mean trendy.

6. Platform Crocs

When you want to combine the comfort of the bathroom Crocs with the edginess of platform shoes, you end up with Platform Crocs…

Fashion Trends

If you are wondering about the artwork on the crocks, they are there because, obviously, your shoes should say a lot about your personality, duh! 

7. The Сheckered Baggy Jumpsuit

We are for wearing comfortable clothes, but how comfortable can you get? Apparently, the sky is the limit or the neckline, we are hoping…

Fashion Trends

Because why walk around with a grocery bag when you can be the grocery bag? 

We’d be lying if we said that this is the weirdest stuff we found on the lovely monster that is the internet. We found worse, way worse, but we wouldn’t want you to end up as horrified as we are right now so we’ll leave you just with those.

Don’t forget to tell us in the comments which of these “out-of-the-box” looks would you actually dare to rock?